There has been plenty of intense action during the first-round series out West between the Jazz and Clippers. And as the Utah Jazz mascot, Jazz Bear, showed Sunday night during Game 4, it doesn't stop just because the players aren't out there.

During a timeout, there were a few fans on the floor participating in an on-court contest, in which it appears they were racing around the court while inside giant inflatable balls. The adult fan, who was wearing a Clippers jersey, decided to take a cheap shot on the other contestant, who was a child. 

After knocking the kid out of commission, the Clippers jersey-clad contestant had a clear advantage, but he also had Jazz Bear bearing down on him. Flying in from the other side of the floor, Jazz Bear delivered a crushing shoulder tackle, clearing the way for the kid to come back and win the race.


As he has shown countless times before, Jazz Bear rules.