WATCH: Joel Embiid trolls Jalen Rose, says he's at '81 percent' conditioning

Ever since he arrived on the NBA scene, Joel Embiid has had a reputation for being a prankster, and he has continued his antics this season. During the preseason he jokingly(?) feuded with Hassan Whiteside on Twitter, and he has also had social-media jokes for the Ball family and the Golden State Warriors.

Now, Embiid is trolling Jalen Rose. 

Last week, after recording his historic 46-point, 15-rebound, seven-block, seven-assist performance, Embiid said he was only at 69 percent in terms of his conditioning level. With a few more games under his belt now, Embiid is apparently feeling better, as he told Michael Smith and Jemele Hill on ESPN that he's up to 81 percent.

The exchange:

Smith: Where are you right now?

Embiid: I was talking about... we were basically talking about my conditioning level. It's getting there, it's getting there. I think I'm at uh 81 percent. Shoutout Jalen Rose. 

Rose, of course, was a part of the Raptors team that gave up 81 points to Kobe Bryant back in 2006, and does not like to be reminded of that fact. Even when he filmed a humorous commercial with Bryant earlier this year, Rose did not look thrilled when Bryant made an "81" reference.

We'll see if Rose has anything to say about Embiid's latest gag.

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