Kelley L Cox (USA Today)

Klay Thompson has not played in an NBA game since the 2019 NBA Finals, and unfortunately, he isn't going to step on the court again any time soon. After painstakingly rehabbing the torn ACL that kept him off of the floor throughout the 2019-20 season, Thompson tore his Achilles tendon during an offseason workout. That injury will keep him out all of this season as well, and when he eventually returns, he will have missed at least two full seasons. 

There is no telling how he will look when he returns to the court next season, but if nothing else, it appears as though his recovery is going well. Thompson underwent surgery to repair his torn Achilles in late November, and now, less than three months later, he appears to be comfortably putting up jumpers at his home in California. 

There is no telling what this actually says about Thompson's recovery. The true test of his health will be how well he is able to move on a basketball court, not shoot from a stationary position. But seeing him make shots at least suggests that he remains comfortable with a basketball in his hands and is keeping fresh. 

While torn Achilles tendons used to be arguably the worst injury a basketball player could suffer, Kevin Durant and John Wall have both thrived upon returning from their own Achilles injuries. That offers a bit of hope that Thompson, far less reliant on athleticism than either of them, could do the same next season. The Warriors will need a healthy Klay to return to the championship picture, and if nothing else, it looks like his shot is as accurate as ever.