Joakim Noah's jump shot is a thing of beauty. There is not another one like it in the NBA, or probably anywhere else for that matter. It has been nicknamed "the tornado" because of its unorthodox, low release. If you can get to a New York Knicks game early and watch Noah warm up, I encourage you to do so.

"A lot of people say it's ugly," Noah said six years ago. "I like to think it's artistic."

I agree with him. And I'd call this airball from 18 feet artistic, too:

This happened during the first quarter at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Tuesday. When Noah caught the ball on the perimeter, Detroit Pistons center stayed in the paint, essentially daring him to shoot. Noah tried to punish Drummond for disrespecting him, and, well, it did not work.

Some Knicks fans might hope that Noah never takes a jump shot again. To them I say: Just wait until it goes in at a big moment. It's a thrilling feeling, especially because of what it does to the opponent. Noah once called his jumper "so ugly that when I knock it down it's demoralizing to the other team" a couple of years ago, and he's totally correct. The tornado is a part of the Joakim Noah experience, and you just have to take the airballs as they come.