WATCH: Kyrie Irving's nasty crossover leaves Lance Stephenson stumbling

Kyrie Irving is extremely good at dribbling a basketball. Besides being a flat-earth truther, it's probably what Irving is best known for on the basketball court, as evidenced by the fact that if you type in his name on YouTube, "crossover" and "handles" are some of two of the first search suggestions. 

Monday night, late in the third quarter of Game 2 between the Cavaliers and Pacers, Irving gave Lance Stephenson a first-hand look at just how good his dribbling skills are. With the Cavs already up 91-75, Irving came off a Kevin Love screen, and began dribbling towards the lane. 

But he quickly put on the brakes, whipping a low crossover from his right hand back to his left, which left Stephenson stumbling, as his momentum carried him the other way. With the newly created space, Irving rose up and drilled a jumper, which extended the Cavs' lead to 18.


As the guy from that one Vine would say, "EXPOSE HIM!"

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