The offseason started a bit earlier than Indiana Pacers would have liked, losing four straight in the first round of the playoffs to the Cleveland Cavaliers. But on the plus side, vacation also started earlier for the Pacers. And Paul George is spending his time at Disneyland.

But it's not without interruption.

You see, George was a big name in the NBA rumor mill before the trade deadline. He'll be a free agent in 2018, when he can pick and choose his next organization, assuming he decides to leave Indiana. And one destination, the Los Angeles Lakers, could be a viable option. George is from California and it's a team that has consistently been linked to him as one he might be interested in.

Lakers fans at Disneyland did everything in their power to make sure he knows he's a wanted man by recruiting him on his vacation.

George's situation with the Pacers, to put it bluntly, is complicated. If he makes an All-NBA team this season he would be eligible to earn an additional $70 million with his current team compared to other max offers. So Indiana would be a tough offer to decline no matter how bad he might want out of town -- if he even does at all.

Another scenario could be a trade before he hits free agency. With Larry Bird stepping down as president of the Pacers, new leadership could decide it's time to start over and trade the All-Star forward to get a clean slate and maybe get something out of it rather than watching him walk like Kevin Durant did from the Thunder last offseason.

No matter the situation, if George does hit free agency in 2018, he'll be a wanted man by plenty of teams -- not just the Lakers. Maybe it's something he'll just have to get used to.