WATCH: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade turn back the clock with high-flying alley-oop

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade made a habit of connecting on high-flying alley-oops during their days together in Miami. And when Wade rejoined LeBron in Cleveland this season with the Cavaliers, fans everywhere were hoping for a few more of those big plays.

And they got their wish on Saturday afternoon. Late in the first half against the Thunder, Wade poked the ball away from Russell Westbrook, and immediately took off the other way. The second he saw the loose ball, LeBron was off to the races, putting his head down and sprinting out ahead of the pack.

Wade pushed the ball up the floor, and as soon as he got inside the 3-point line, lobbed it up to his old friend. LeBron took it from there, soaring through the air for a monster alley-oop.

That was some vintage Wade-LeBron. And, as many people pointed out on Twitter, somewhat reminiscent of their classic oop that resulted in this picture.

That is exactly what people were dreaming of when these two teamed up again. Unfortunately, the Cavs need more than just alley-oops between the two future Hall of Famers to get back on track. 

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