WATCH: LeBron James' Taco Tuesdays now feature custom t-shirts for his entire family

Lebron James is making Taco Tuesday's a weekly holiday, and this week he upped his game with custom themed t-shirts to celebrate. 

In his latest video, the three-time NBA champion starts off more mellow than usual saying, "There's a lot of things that's been going on today, kinda got me down so I don't really know what's going on with me and my energy today but..." He follows up the intro with a very energized, "PSYCH! Y'all know what today is. Today is TACO TUESDAY!" Because how can you be down when tacos are for dinner. 

James pans to everyone at the kitchen table as usual, but this time everyone is in 'Taco Tuesday' shirts with LeBron's face as the 'O' in "taco." James has not put the shirts up for sale, but there is no doubt fans would have them flying off the shelves. 

Each week the Lakers star has added a different element to the videos. One week he was on the set of <em>Space Jam 2</em>, showing a sneak peak of the jerseys in the movie. Another week he invited teammate Anthony Davis to enjoy the outdoor feast with his family. James has even inspired others to celebrate the weekly occasion on social media, with the Green Bay Packers as the latest team to join in on the fun. 

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