In a midseason classic game Monday night, the Cavaliers and Wizards went down to the wire. With the Wizards up by one, LeBron James drove the lane, got the move on John Wall to get to the rim, got away with a travel, and ... missed the layup:

So the headlines were going to rain down like it was 2010 after that miss, setting up the Wizards for a huge win. Two free throws later, with no timeouts remaining, the Cavs needed a prayer.

Or a LeBron.

That's just berserk. Awesome things here, ranked:

1. The shot itself. Fadeaway, out of bounds, time running out, high off the glass. Even if he didn't call bank, that's an awesome bucket.

2. The wherewithal to make sure he's behind the arc to get the shot he needed and not take a 2 when they needed a 3.

3. Love's outlet pass. He has to throw that perfectly, and he nails it just right. If he throws to the perimeter, it's uncatchable. If he shorts it, James can't get to the perimeter. He places it perfectly. That's an incredible throw and one that -- by the way -- Carmelo Anthony cannot make.

4. James' reaction. He didn't celebrate. He didn't twirl. He didn't do anything but get back on defense, and then going to the timeout give Kevin Love a hug. That's it. LeBron has been there, done that.

(Either that or he knew that shot was more luck than skill, but either way, it looked cool.)