WATCH: Lonzo Ball disagrees with Michael Jordan, picks LeBron over Kobe

Michael Jordan sparked a debate recently when he expressed his belief that Kobe Bryant still ranks ahead of LeBron James on the list of all-time NBA greats. Jordan cited the fact that Bryant has five titles to James' three to justify his answer.

Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball was asked about his thoughts on the debate, and his answer may surprise some. Ball was born and raised in southern California and grew up a Laker fan before being drafted by his favorite team, so it would be reasonable that Bryant would be his go-to response. But Ball shocked the world by picking James.

"I've been saying LeBron my whole life, so I'm gonna go with LeBron." - Lonzo on the Kobe vs. LeBron debate

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"My favorite player was LeBron growing up, but [Jordan] does have a point. Championships do mean a lot," Ball said. "It's tough -- I'm a Laker, I wanna go with Kobe, but I've been saying LeBron my whole life so I'm gonna go with LeBron."

As many have pointed out on Twitter, Ball was kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. Bryant is arguably the greatest Laker of all and could have a role with the team moving forward, so it would not be wise to make him angry. On the other hand, the James-to-Lakers talk is all the rage in NBA circles, so Ball would never want to do anything to dissuade the King from joining him in L.A.

Bryant certainly would have been the easy answer, so you have to applaud Ball for being honest -- or buttering up James to get him to sign with the Lakers next summer.

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