WATCH: Lonzo Ball puts on passing showcase in second career NBA game

Lonzo Ball had a really rough first outing for his NBA career. Patrick Beverley made it his personal mission to destroy Ball and show him that the NBA isn't going to let him walk in and do what he wants. He'd have to earn every minute.

Ball must have taken the message, because he has come out in his second career game and put on a passing showcase. Ball is on his way to a potential triple double and he's made some sick passes in the process. This touch pass on a fast break that led to an immediate assist was flashy and reminiscent of showtime.

His next pass didn't lead to an assist, but it was the exact type of play that Los Angeles drafted Ball to make. Most players wouldn't even see this pass let alone actually attempt it. Maybe it's cause he's a rookie, or he's just that confident, Ball was willing to throw the baseball pass.

Everybody knew Ball had great passing skills entering the NBA, but this is the type of stuff that separated him from the average passing guard entering the draft. His vision is already at an NBA level and as the rest of his game grows around that he should become a really good player.

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