WATCH: Marc Gasol with the most creative assist you'll see from a center

Marc Gasol is the Grizzlies' best passer now that Mike Conley has gone down with injury. But even he has to be amazed at pulling off this one vs. the Magic on Wednesday. Off the steal, no-look, double-arm-over-the-head backward assist to Troy Williams.

The ability to pull off this pass is one thing. The guts to try it is another.

Hey, how about the floor-level angle?

Well played, Gasol.

That's just ridiculous. Gasol will have to make these kinds of plays with Conley out, but he's more than capable. And this kind of creativity is something that really sets him apart from other centers. His creativity is always in the flow of the game. Gasol averages 3.7 assists per game, tops among centers, if you don't count the Warriors' Draymond Green as such.

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