WATCH: Marquese Chriss wins it for the Suns with game-saving block

Marquese Chriss and the Suns were dead in the water against the Hawks. All Atlanta had to do was play solid basketball and they would win. Atlanta did not play solid basketball and gave up the lead to Phoenix. With time draining, the Hawks were forced to draw up one final play to try and take the lead back.

The play Atlanta ran was actually a gorgeous set. Taurean Prince sets a screen for Dennis Schroder, but Chriss plays too high so Prince slips the screen and heads uncontested to the rim. All Schroder has to do is throw the lob for Prince and slam home two points. Then Chriss happened.

Chriss made an incredible recovery to not only force Prince into a tougher look, but block the shot all together. This play inevitably would win the game for the Suns when they had no business being in the lead up to that point. Atlanta just played that poorly to end the game.

Atlanta's poor play reached it's head in the closing moments. Following Chriss's block, the Hawks were forced to foul and send Phoenix to the line. They made both free throws and led by three so the obvious solution here is for the Hawks to try and get up a quick 3-pointer to tie the game.

Schroder instead drove full length of the court, drove in towards the rim, and took a layup as opposed to going for the 3-pointer. Hawks run out of time and lose. Heartbreaking for not only Hawks fans, but anybody that took the Suns to cover as 1.5 favorites must have been sick to see Atlanta finish the game within one in that fashion. 

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