WATCH: Monroe, Nick Young, D'Angelo Russell ejected after Bucks and Lakers scuffle

Things got heated between the Bucks and Lakers on Friday. After Malcom Brogdon gave Nick Young a hard foul on a layup, Young responded by shoving Brogdon. 

And then Greg Monroe shoved Young. 

And so D’Angelo Russell shoved Monroe. 

It was a ruckus. 

So then Monroe, Young, and Russell were ejected. The Bucks would go on to win 107-103. During the ruckus, a Bucks assistant shoved Brandon Ingram, which set Luke Walton off after the game. 

When there’s all that kind of activity, there’s a lot that goes on. Freaking out about it, when no one was injured, is probably not necessary. But it’s good that Walton’s standing up for his players, just as his players stood up for one another... and just as Monroe was standing up for his teammate. 

Basically, basketball happens. And it’s nice that the Lakers have this kind of chemistry. It would be even better if they weren’t so bad at the basketball part. 

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