WATCH: NBA 2K16 has captured the essence of Chris Bosh

Basketball video games have become so real and nuanced that the littlest touches can really drive home the product. In the latest installment of NBA 2K16 from 2K Sports, it looks like even the mid- and post-game interviews will have all of the fun aspects of what you'd see in a real game, especially for the Miami Heat.

Just watch for Chris Bosh toward the end of trailer snippet.

If you're wondering, the Chris Bosh video bomb has become a big part of post-game conversations after Heat wins. This was especially true during the Big 3 era of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Bosh. The guy just loves to have fun out there and sometimes that means him doing weird stuff like this. It's a practice that often pops up around the NBA in different forms.

I hope he pushed for this being added to the game.

2K Sports captured Chris Bosh perfectly. (USATSI)
2K Sports captured Chris Bosh perfectly. (USATSI)
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