WATCH: 'NBA 2K17' fan-made montage shows Lonzo Ball destroying Curry, LeBron

If the Los Angeles Lakers select UCLA star Lonzo Ball with the No. 2 pick in the NBA Draft on June 22, it will be a move they most certainly won't regret -- at least according to one futuristic simulation from user 'Shady00018' who created a mix of Ball as a rookie with the Lakers. In the crafty video montage, Ball wreaked absolute havoc against some of the top talent in the league.

In addition to casually breaking Steph Curry's ankles and dropping step-back jumpers in LeBron James' face, the uber-realistic video also shows him sporting purple and gold Big Baller Brand-like sneakers (because of course) and features his supporting cast in LaMelo and LiAngelo -- his two younger UCLA-bound brothers -- along with his outspoken father, LaVar. (Because ... of course.)

Whoever Shady00018 is, and however he gained access to create such a video, is beyond me. But let's just say that if Magic Johnson and the Lakers brass peep this tape in addition to his UCLA tape, the front office is going to have a hard time passing on him at No. 2 if he's still available.

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