Jeremy Lin continues to be the NBA's preeminent YouTuber. Last summer, Lin recruited Wesley Johnson, Landry Fields, Jerome Jordan, DeAndre Jordan, Dwight Howard, Tyson Chandler and even Stephen and Riley Curry to star in a parody video about fitting in the NBA. He also wore a fake beard to prank people at a gym with Taiwanese actor Vanness Wu. The year before that, he terrified people at Madam Tussauds in San Francisco by pretending to be a wax figure.

His latest work: a collaboration with YouTube star Ryan Higa, Space Jam 3: Anime Edition.

The premise of this is simple -- Lin plays the role of Michael Jordan in a re-imagining of Space Jam -- but the execution is deeply weird. It begins with Lin announcing his retirement because he wants to play video games and watch anime, and it gets stranger and stranger from there.

Jeremy Lin in 'Space Jam 3'
Jeremy Lin stretches out. YouTube

If the Brooklyn Nets know what they're doing, then they're not only trying to figure out how to best use Lin in their offense next season, but they're planning to involve him as much as they can in promotional skits. He clearly has a nice side career going already.