WATCH: Parsons, Howard, Shumpert and more star in amazing fake trailer

Relativity Sports, a major agency that represents a ton of high-end NBA talent, posted this video Tuesday, and courtesy of Posting and Toasting, we bring it to you. Buckle your seatbelt, things are about to get awesome. 

Here's the poster via Relativity Sports:

To review:

Amar'e Stoudemire: President of the United States

Iman Shumpert: The Smooth-Talking Fearless Leader

Chandler Parsons: The Handsome Devil

Corey Brewer: The Cheesy One-Liner Guy

Dwight Howard: The Incredible, Amazing, Super Duper Hero Guy

DeAndre Jordan: The Guy With Lethal Hands

Larry Sanders: The Nerdy Techie Guy

Courtney Lee: The Creepy Close-Talker

DeMarcus Cousins: The Impractical Gadget Guy

So that's amazing. Uh.Maze.Ing. 

For me, the highlight is Courtney Lee, close-talker, but Larry Sanders calling his Nana is pretty incredible as well. Also, Corey Brewer getting blling before Dwight Howard is a thing. 

"He must have been a holy man, 'cause he's holy." 

I'm not saying this would be better than "American Hustle," but wait, yes I am. This movie should be made and then win every Oscar for the next six-to-ten years. It should be taught in schools. When I die, I want this trailer playing on an LCD screen on my tombstone. 

This movie, despite having not been actually made, is already better than "Daredevil," "The Fantastic Four," and fifteen "Catwoman"s.

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