Stephen Curry's daughter, Riley, has become the NBA's most famous child over the past three seasons. We saw less of her this season, but she was right there during the celebration after the Warriors took home their second title in three years with a Game 5 win over the Cavaliers on Monday night.

Riley participated in the celebration, got picked up by a lot of people, then pulled off one of the most adorable moves we've seen by using the Larry O'Brien Trophy as her own personal mirror. Check it out.

Clearly Riley wanted to see how her hat would look sideways, so rather than pull out her phone to use the front-facing camera as a mirror (classic move), she thought, "oh I'll just use this giant gold reflecty thingy next to me," which also happens to be the most coveted trophy in the NBA.

The best part about the whole thing is that it's totally authentic. There's no way she could have known the camera was on her, so she's just being naturally adorable.

We'll surely hear more from Riley during the Warroirs' victory parade.