WATCH: Russell Westbrook nutmegs Cory Joseph on long-range bounce pass

Time and time again, this season and throughout his career, Russell Westbrook has made plays that don’t seem humanly possible. And Thursday night in Toronto, he made another one. 

After grabbing a rebound, Westbrook started to push the ball up the floor, spotting two teammates streaking out ahead of him. The only problem was that there were also a few Raptors running back alongside them. But Westbrook has never been one to shy away from the spectacular, so he simply fired a long-range bounce pass in Victor Oladipo’s direction anyway. 

Somehow, it found its mark. Bouncing right between Cory Joseph’s legs, the ball hit Oladipo in stride, and the Thunder guard finished off the break for one of the plays of the season. 

How? Howwwww? Look at this! Look at the slow-motion replay!

(OK, yes, there maybe was some luck involved, but still.) How? How? How?

He whipped that pass with one-hand while on the run, weighting it perfectly to bound up directly into Oladipo’s path. Even if Joseph hadn’t been in the way, it still would have been incredible. 

This, folks, is exactly why we should always remember to #LetWestbrookBeWestbrook. Because when we do, plays like this happen. 

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