Watch Now: Time to Schein: Westbrook heads to HOUSTON! (2:37)

Russell Westbrook got court time in with some new players on Thursday. No ... not the Rockets, the team he will suit up for later this year, but a group of kids at his camp.

A video was posted of the newest Houston Rockets guard playing against children at his basketball camp, and showing no mercy as he went up for a shot.

The video was captioned, "Russell Westbrook was literally taking out campers at his camp in OKC earlier this week."

The reporter who posted the video said the kid who Westbrook showed up was OK and even won himself and his team a souvenir. He said, "He was OK. He actually won the game of knockout, winning his entire team free pairs of Westbrook's new shoe."

According to the reporter, the video came from Westbrook's "Why Not? Basketball Camp" which took place earlier this week in Oklahoma City. The former Oklahoma City Thunder also holds a camp in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Westbook was traded from OKC to the Rockets in a shocking trade that sent him to the Rockets and Chris Paul to Oklahoma City. 

Time will tell how Westbrook fits in with his new team, but for now he seems to be dominating the under-12 league.