WATCH: Steph Curry sings Disney songs on Carpool Karaoke while chewing on mouthguard

If you are reading this post, you have an internet connection, which means you’ve likely seen, or at least heard of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke segment on CBS’ “The Late Late Show.” But, you’ve never seen a Carpool Karaoke like this: the latest edition features none other than two-time reigning MVP, Steph Curry. 

The Warriors star has put his singing skills on display before, such as when he and his wife Ayesha sang backstage with the band Johnnyswim. 

This time, though, Steph had a new duet partner. And like a good point guard does, he adjusted to the talent around him, and didn’t miss a beat. Literally.

Curry and Corden broke out the Disney tunes, as Curry said that is all he listens to in the car because, that’s what his daughters like to hear. First, they went with “No One Knows,” a track from the new movie, Moana, and Curry even broke out his signature mouthpiece, chewing on it while he sung along. 

But the performance really takes off when they move on to “Love Is An Open Door,” from Frozen. Curry, who could probably sing this one in his sleep, really gets into it, breaking out a number of dance moves. 

This was fun. Steph Curry is fun. Carpool Karaoke is fun.

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