WATCH: Stephen Curry's extremely cool behind-the-back pass baffles Wolves

On Tuesday afternoon, Stephen Curry called it “comical” that anyone believes he’s having a down season, and later that night, he backed that talk up.

Early in the fourth quarter, Curry already had 19 points, nine assists, three rebounds, three steals and two blocks, but he really made a statement with his unbelievable behind-the-back pass late in the third quarter.

Running out on a three-on-one fastbreak, Curry turned toward the bench side of the court, making him completely blind to Andre Iguodala, who was streaking down the floor on the other wing. No matter, however, as Curry put a dribble down going toward the bench, looked to be passing to a wide open Klay Thompson, who was spotting up for a 3, but instead wrapped a pass around his back with his left hand right into Iguodala’s path.

How ... how did he do that? I’ve watched this video like three dozen times already and I’m not even entirely sure I completely understand what happened.

It was at once completely mesmerizing, probably not a legal basketball move, and yet still one of the most exciting moments of the season. This was the improvisational magic that had been missing for large swaths of the Warriors season, and Tuesday night Curry brought it back in stunning fashion.

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