WATCH: Stephen Jackson showed up to Kyrie Irving's press conference with globe

Kyrie Irving has some interesting takes on the Earth and its shape, often coming under fire for claiming it may be flat. At times he has seemed to hint that he's just trolling people with his comments, but it's not really clear what he actually believes -- besides that everyone needs to do their own research. 

But at this point, it really doesn't matter what Irving says, he'll always be the subject of flat earth jokes. Even at All-Star Weekend, and even from former NBA players.

After All-Star practice Saturday afternoon, Irving's press conference was crashed by Stephen Jackson, who brought a special prop with him. 

That's right, Jackson showed up with a globe, spinning it while he joked with Irving about the flat earth comments. As it turned out, Jackson only had one question: Could Irving sign his globe? 

Irving took it in stride, laughing the whole way, and agreeing to sign Jackson's globe as long as he could do it off-camera. 

This was pretty hilarious, and it was great to see Irving going along with Jackson's antics. 

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