WATCH: That Stephen Curry pass everyone was raving about was, in fact, illegal

On Tuesday, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry threw an extremely cool, extremely ridiculous, extremely illegal pass to Andre Iguodala on a fast break during the third quarter of the Warriors’ 121-107 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves. As CBS Sports’ Jack Maloney put it, the play was “at once completely mesmerizing, probably not a legal basketball move, and yet still one of the most exciting moments of the season.” Very true.

Curry knew he got away with a double-dribble, which explains his hilarious reaction and facial expression when no call was made. Watch the replay here:

It was hard to tell when watching live, but it’s pretty obvious when you look for it: Curry picks up the ball and takes another dribble as he crosses the 3-point line before sending the behind-the-back pass to Iguodala. I don’t blame the refs for missing this, but if you’re one of those people who likes to comment “TRAVEL!” or “ILLEGAL!” on highlight videos, then this probably got you riled up.   

After the game, Curry declined to admit that he had done anything wrong:

Sure, Steph. Whatever you say.

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