WATCH: This Kevin Durant two-way sequence shows the full power he brings to the Warriors

Kevin Durant obviously gave the Warriors one of the best offensive players in the league, and really NBA history, when they signed him in free agency. But what separates Durant is his ability to make huge defensive plays, and then convert those into offense.

Against the Rockets on Thursday, Durant made a huge block, drove the floor and made a picture perfect pass to Draymond Green for the score. No shot necessary, Durant made a huge impact all on his own.

Durant doesn't put up triple-doubles like his former partner, but he still impacts the game on multiple levels. It's amazing that at times, Durant looks like a better shooter than Steph Curry, a better scorer than Klay Thompson, a better defender than Draymond Green, and he may be the team's best passer. And they all play on the same team.

That ability to convert defensive plays to offensive brilliance, along with the attention Durant draws, that's what makes him so dangerous. Look at the two Rockets have to step up for fear of the Durant pull-up


Open shots for All-Star teammates. That's the Warriors formula.

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