The Golden State Warriors overcame a 25-point deficit on Sunday to steal Game 1 of the Western Conference finals against the Spurs

All season long the chemistry among the Warriors, who boast the No. 1 offense in the NBA, has been what has made this team so difficult to oust. It's been their calling card. And on Sunday, the chemistry was so good that it bled over into other facets of the game -- like the way they complained about officiating.

Look at how beautifully timed this reaction is from Zaza Pachulia, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green. It's synchronized complaining at its finest.

The Warriors began the game out of sync and let the Spurs ride the early momentum into a 20-point halftime deficit but, as you can see, they clearly found their rhythm and put things together as a team, which was a major part of their 113-111 win in Game 1.