The third matchup of the season between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors turned into a rout in the Dubs' favor, but there was still plenty to talk about after the game. 

That's because of an incident in the second half involving Russell Westbrook and Zaza Pachulia. During a scramble for a rebound, Westbrook got tangled up with Nick Young, and fell to the ground. A second or so later, Pachulia also comes crashing down to the floor, and appears to possibly pause and target Westbrook's legs.

It certainly had people on Twitter asking questions, and even Kyrie Irving weighed in on Instagram saying the league needed to look at the play. 

Now, Westbrook himself is claiming the play was intentional, and that Pachulia tried to injure him. He also said Pachulia is a dirty player.

Westbrook on what happened:

"Obviously it was intentional. Nobody touched him, he fell over my leg. He tried to hurt me. But hey, that's how it goes."

Westbrook on whether the NBA needs to look into it:

"[The NBA] will see it and look at it."

Westbrook on whether Pachulia is a dirty player:

"Yeah, for sure."

The Warriors big man, for his part, brushed off questions about the incident. 

Meanwhile, Westbrook's teammate, Paul George, also alleged that the play was intentional.

With Westbrook's accusation and Pachulia's history, it seems the league will at the very least review this play.