Dwyane Wade, who has spent 13 years with the Miami Heat and been an All-Star for 12 of them, is back from his vacation in Spain and is ready to meet with the Denver Nuggets.

Wait, what?

Yeah, the 2016 offseason has been crazy. Kevin Durant is a Golden State Warrior, Al Horford is a Boston Celtic and Matthew Dellavedova is a Milwaukee Buck. Could Wade actually leave Miami? Maybe. Let's try to unpack this.

What on Earth has happened here?

The most common adjective for the relationship between Wade and the Heat recently is "ugly," per the Miami Herald's Ethan Skolnick. Miami prioritized reaching an agreement with Hassan Whiteside at the beginning of free agency because the Dallas Mavericks and Portland Trail Blazers were chasing him. Miami then turned its attention to Durant, and by then, Wade was upset enough to not even take part in the pitch, per the Miami Herald's Dan Le Batard. Wade has signed with the Heat for less than the max on his last three contracts, and he reportedly believes that the Heat owe him for sacrificing money in the past.

What is Miami willing to pay him?

Initially, the number was reportedly $10 million per season. On Monday afternoon, after Wade tweeted, "Relationships are important people!" a report surfaced that the Heat had doubled their offer to two years and $40 million with a player option on the second season.

Is that so bad?

No, but it's less than he can get on the open market. The Nuggets are reportedly offering him two years and $52 million, and the 34-year-old Wade would like a third guaranteed year, too.

The Nuggets? Really?

Honestly, probably not. But at the very least, Wade wants you -- and, most importantly, the Heat -- to believe he's serious about this. Wade is reportedly in New York to meet with Denver president Josh Kroenke, general manager Tim Connelly and coach Mike Malone. And he has other meetings scheduled for Wednesday, according to the Associated Press' Tim Reynolds.

What other teams could be meeting with him?

It sounds like the Milwaukee Bucks aren't one of them, even though they could beat Miami's offer if they dump Greg Monroe. Wade canceled his meeting with the Bucks, according to ESPN's Zach Lowe.

Wade's hometown Chicago Bulls were also rumored to be in the running, but then they lost $10 million in cap space by agreeing to a deal with Rajon Rondo. Regardless, they have "significant interest" in him and "may still decide" to meet him in New York, according to The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski. They'd have to move multiple players in order to make a competitive offer, however.

And then there's Cleveland.


Yes, Cleveland. We have to talk about Cleveland. No one knows for sure if joining the defending champions is a realistic option, but the Cavaliers expect to talk to him, according to the Akron Beacon Journal's Jason Lloyd.

The Cavs' official Twitter account followed both Wade and his wife, Gabrielle Union, and the Cleveland Indians' Twitter account followed Wade, too. Oh, and LeBron James was with Wade in Spain.

The problem is that Cleveland can only offer him $3.47 million, and James is reportedly not willing to do something as drastic as taking a minimum contract to accommodate his friend. No surprise on that one.

Joining the Cavs would surely anger the Heat front office more than anything Wade could possibly do. This is reportedly an option, though, and maybe Wade wouldn't see that part of it as a bad thing. Things are ugly, after all, and relationships are important, people.

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