Hours after her court-side conversations with Jay-Z sparked social media speculation regarding her relationship with Beyonce, the wife of Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob has made her Instagram private after receiving death threats from Beyonce fans.

That's according to ESPN's Ramona Shelburne, who reported Thursday that Nicole Curran "was in tears" talking about her "incident" alongside the celebrity couple during Game 3 of the 2019 NBA Finals. Curran told Shelburne she got death threats all night before deciding to privatize her IG account Thursday morning "just to make it stop." The account, which had just under 8,000 followers as of Thursday afternoon, can no longer be viewed publicly, nor can its pictures.

ESPN shared video of Jay-Z and Beyonce sitting together during Wednesday night's Toronto Raptors win in Oakland, but fans and media alike quickly pointed out that Curran, seated next to Beyonce, was leaning over Jay-Z's wife to have a conversation with the rapper.

This led to rampant online speculation that Beyonce was actually irritated with Curran's actions, with some Twitter and Instagram users even reading into Beyonce's facial expressions and body language -- so much so that some Beyonce fans ultimately decided to harass Curran on her own Instagram.

As Bustle reported, Curran apparently received enough complaints that she issued a statement via the IG comments section on Thursday night, denying any type of friction between her and the Warriors' celebrity guests.

"Listen, Beehive," she wrote. "I respect Queen B. I love her! I talked to her husband twice tonight. First, to take a drink order for them both when they arrived as they were our guests. Second, to explain why I gave his wife a rose from a fan. All of this has been taken out of context. I am a happily married woman. Telling me to kill myself? Somehow I don't think she would support this.