Will we remember the 2019 NBA Finals more for the Warriors' missing stars or the Raptors' performance?

The Toronto Raptors made history Thursday by winning their first NBA championship, and they did it against none other than the back-to-back champs in the Golden State Warriors.

They did it against a Warriors team that was without superstar Kevin Durant for much of the Finals, however, and in Game 6 at Oracle Arena, Stephen Curry was left to try to lead Golden State back without the help of Klay Thompson as well.

So will the Warriors' big absences be remembered just as much as, if not more than, the Raptors' title-winning performance?

Danny Kanell thinks so.

"Like, when we look at the Golden State Warriors dynasty," he said on Friday's episode of the "Kanell & Bell" podcast, "I don't think we ever look at it and say, well, when [they] beat Cleveland, they didn't have Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving; they beat LeBron ... [but] I do think the thing you'll remember the most was, oh, Kevin Durant was out."

Kanell's co-host, former NBA veteran Raja Bell, didn't agree -- even after acknowledging Durant is far from a secondary player.

"That narrative will go away real quick," he said, using an example from the Cleveland Cavaliers' own title. "The overall narrative isn't 'Cleveland only won that because Draymond [Green] was missing. Golden State fans, that may be the narrative for them forever, but it goes away in terms of broader picture."

Kanell and Bell also broke down Curry's performance without Durant and Thompson, discussed Kawhi Leonard potentially changing the course of the NBA and recapped the rest of Game 6.

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