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As a three-time All-Star, Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal is as qualified as anyone to give advice on what it takes to make it to, and in, the NBA. And that's exactly what he did while giving an impassioned speech to his AAU team, Bradley Beal Elite. 

"Respecting the game means a lot. Both on and off of the court. How you carry yourself. all that s--t matters," Beal told his team. "I don't like pulling my NBA card, but there's only 400 [players in the league]. That means if you have dreams of getting to the league, you gotta f--king guard me... I'm chilling. I could retire today and live on the beach for the rest of my life. And my mom and my dad don't have to work another day. Or my brothers. That's the type of good you all want to be. That is what you all want... When you got a gift and a talent, you gotta take advantage of it, you gotta perfect it. You gotta work on [it]. I believe in you all." 

You can watch Beal's complete message to his team's players below, via Slam: 

Hopefully, the players on the team took Beal's message to heart. When a player as good as Beal is offering up advice, one would be foolish not to listen to it. At least one of the player's parents appreciated what Beal had to say. 

It's always great to see players giving back to the game, and that's exactly what Beal is doing, and he's not even waiting until he's retired to do so. Perhaps one day he will even square off against one of his protegees in the league.