Wizards' Brandon Jennings: Same role as Knicks, but team 'actually plays together'

The New York Knicks lost to the Philadelphia 76ers 105-102 on Friday, and then Brandon Jennings kicked them while they were down. Jennings, who took a buyout from the Knicks after the trade deadline and signed with the Washington Wizards, said that he’s happy to now be on a team that plays like a team. 

“I’m in the same position I was in New York,” Jennings said after his Wizards debut, via CSN Mid-Atlantic’s Chase Hughes, “but just in a better system for me personally and with a team that actually plays together.”

That is an honest quote, and I love it. No one who has paid attention to the Knicks this season would argue with Jennings even a little bit. The triangle offense doesn’t fit the roster, and the players have little on-court chemistry. He didn’t exactly shy away from criticizing the team -- and himself -- before he left, either.

The frustrating part of all this: New York president Phil Jackson wanted the team to run the triangle precisely because it relies on teamwork and fundamentals. His ideal style of basketball involves all five offensive players in motion, making reads based on what the defense does and how their teammates move. That requires communication and trust, and when it works, it can make a team more than the sum of its parts. If fans are annoyed watching the Knicks, imagine how Jackson feels. 

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