Wizards' Drew Gooden fined $15,000 for committing 'unnecessary act'

The Wizards' Drew Gooden has been hit with a $15,000 fine for committing what the league called an "unnecessary act" against the Lakers' Nick Young.

The said the act was unnecessary as Goodenby "clamped Los Angeles Lakers forward/guard Nick Young’s arm and attempted to throw him to the floor."

The play happened in Friday's game with only about two minutes remaining. Gooden was assessed a flagrant two foul and ejected on the play. Jordan Hill who stepped in for Young was also ejected, but not fined. 

Kind of an unusual fine for Gooden, as he didn't throw a punch or elbow. But the play was equally as dangerous as he could've dislocated Young's arm/shoulder, or even pulled him face first onto the floor. 

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