Wizards players beat the Bulls so Randy Wittman needs to dunk

Will Randy Wittman throw down for his players? (USATSI)
Will Randy Wittman throw down for his players? (USATSI)

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The Washington Wizards were a team possessed in the first round against the Chicago Bulls. They won all three games in Chicago in the five-game series and handled the Bulls pretty easily considering this team hadn't been to the playoffs together with this core. If you were wondering whether or not the team had a little bit of extra motivation outside of just winning the franchise's first playoff series since 2005, it looks like their coach gave them some.

Coach Randy Wittman promised his players that if they beat the Bulls and advanced to the second round, he would attempt a dunk for them. The 54-year old coach still hasn't come through on the promise to attempt that dunk, and the Wizards are starting to wonder whether or not it will ever happen. From The Washington Post

The Wizards players came through on their end of the bargain. Now, they are waiting on Coach Randy Wittman to deliver on his promise to attempt a dunk if the Wizards beat the Chicago Bulls in the first round.

“You think that’s possible? You’d think that’s even possible?” Drew Gooden said, when asked about Wittman’s pledge to dunk. “I’d like to see that. I’d definitely like to see that.”

“Witt got to be a man of his word,” Beal said of his coach’s planned dunk attempt. “He was supposed to do it last round. He had up until the first game to dunk. You know Witt, he needs a couple days to get stretched out. Hopefully he’ll do it. I think he can do it. Maybe.”

How can Wittman's players even trust his game plans against the Pacers in Round 2, if they can't even trust that he'll attempt a dunk to come through on a promise he made the team?

Wittman played nine years in the NBA from 1983-1992. He spent five seasons on the Atlanta Hawks after being drafted by the Washington Bullets in 1983. He was traded to the Sacramento Kings in 1988 for Reggie Theus before being traded at the trade deadline in a deal for Wayman Tisdale. He finished out his career with the Pacers for 3.5 seasons before being waived in 1992. Wittman wasn't exactly a high-flyer in his day, but he did average 10.0 points in five seasons with the Hawks.

The Wizards' coach is 6'6", so he might not have a long way to go to get this dunk off. And if he does in fact come through, it may propel the Wizards in ways we haven't seen since 1978. 

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