The Timberwolves have had Ricky Rubio on the trading block for years. Rubio is one of those players that seemed to never get traded, but that has finally changed. The Wolves have traded Rubio to the Jazz in exchange for a first round pick. This sounds like a minor deal, but it could have big implications to Utah's summer plans.

Reports have been floating around that Jazz star, Gordon Hayward, wanted Utah to re-sign George Hill. If the Jazz did then he would be more likely to re-sign with them. However, with the Jazz trading for Rubio, then that likely means the end of Hill's time in Utah. This could in turn mean the departure of Hayward as well.

While they would be losing out on Hill, the Jazz are receiving one of the stronger defensive point guards in the NBA in Rubio. Minnesota has frequently been a better team when Rubio is on the floor and his elite passing ability will work well in Utah.

It's hard to believe, but this is actually the end of the Rubio era in Minnesota. He's been on the trading block for so long it started to feel like he'd never actually be traded. However, with the Jimmy Butler trade, his ball-dominant skill set and lack of shooting touch doesn't fit in well with the future of Minnesota. This could be a good fresh start for Rubio on a team that did make the playoffs last season.