NBA Total Player Ratings

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Regular Season
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The NBA Total Player Ratings are a total player-rating system based on various offensive and defensive statistics. Players increase their scores with every contribution they make to the game.

Team By Team
1. Portland Trail Blazers, 2nd WEST NW90.432nd9th4th1st7th6th
2. Indiana Pacers, 1st EAST CENT86.6913th6th3rd5th11th4th
3. Los Angeles Clippers, 1st WEST PAC86.473rd14th12th2nd5th3rd
4. San Antonio Spurs, 1st WEST SW86.3811th11th6th4th10th1st
5. Houston Rockets, 2nd WEST SW86.0615th1st5th15th1st7th
6. Oklahoma City Thunder, 1st WEST NW84.651st16th1st9th12th2nd
7. Memphis Grizzlies, 3rd WEST SW80.347th12th13th7th2nd9th
8. Toronto Raptors, 1st EAST ATL78.805th4th11th13th9th12th
9. Golden State Warriors, 2nd WEST PAC78.274th8th7th16th6th8th
10. Chicago Bulls, 2nd EAST CENT78.1316th7th9th12th4th11th
11. Miami Heat, 1st EAST SE75.1617th5th2nd8th17th5th
12. Charlotte Hornets, 3rd EAST SE73.696th15th14th10th3rd15th
13. Brooklyn Nets, 2nd EAST ATL71.9712th3rd8th14th14th13th
14. Atlanta Hawks, 4th EAST SE70.578th10th10th3rd15th16th
15. Washington Wizards, 2nd EAST SE69.509th2nd16th11th8th14th
16. Dallas Mavericks, 4th WEST SW62.0310th13th15th6th16th10th
17. New York Knicks, 3rd EAST ATL38.7014th17th17th17th13th17th
18. Orlando Magic, 5th EAST SE13.6418th18th18th18th18th19th
19. Boston Celtics, 4th EAST ATL10.6719th19th19th19th19th18th