NBA Total Player Ratings

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Regular Season
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The NBA Total Player Ratings are a total player-rating system based on various offensive and defensive statistics. Players increase their scores with every contribution they make to the game.

Shooting Guards
1. James Harden, HOU 86.25N/A+86.254536.
2. Jimmy Butler, CHI 79.63N/A+79.634339.520.16.03.345.983.4
3. Klay Thompson, GS 75.95N/A+75.954232.623.
4. Joe Johnson, BKN 68.71N/A+68.714235.515.54.63.742.780.8
5. Kobe Bryant, LAL 68.35N/A+68.353534.522.35.75.637.381.3
6. Kyle Korver, ATL 68.10N/A+68.104432.912.94.22.951.692.3
7. Wesley Matthews, POR 67.38N/A+67.384533.916.
8. Dwyane Wade, MIA 66.76N/A+66.763532.321.43.85.448.773.6
9. Trevor Ariza, HOU 66.16N/A+66.164535.712.
10. Arron Afflalo, DEN 65.57N/A+65.574533.715.23.61.943.484.8
11. Victor Oladipo, ORL 64.81N/A+64.813933.616.53.83.845.978.9
12. Bradley Beal, WAS 62.91N/A+62.913733.414.93.83.342.782.0
13. J.J. Redick, LAC 62.19N/A+62.194529.614.91.71.646.886.3
14. Courtney Lee, MEM 61.75N/A+61.754232.
15. Ben McLemore, SAC 60.50N/A+60.504333.
16. Jamal Crawford, LAC 60.39N/A+60.394425.815.72.02.840.090.9
17. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, DET 59.03N/A+59.034631.611.
18. Khris Middleton, MIL 58.86N/A+58.864225.510.64.01.746.981.2
19. Evan Fournier, ORL 58.73N/A+58.734529.412.
20. Lou Williams, TOR 58.39N/A+58.394524.314.91.81.740.385.5
21. Evan Turner, BOS 57.43N/A+57.434325.
22. Gerald Green, PHO 56.37N/A+56.374621.613.
23. Manu Ginobili, SA 56.11N/A+56.114024.712.43.04.841.974.1
24. O.J. Mayo, MIL 55.86N/A+55.864524.411.42.52.942.983.0
25. Gerald Henderson, CHA 55.79N/A+55.794326.310.
26. K.J. McDaniels, PHI (Rookie)54.70N/A+54.704426.
27. Rasual Butler, WAS 53.26N/A+53.264222.
28. Tim Hardaway Jr., NY 53.10N/A+53.104423.
29. Dion Waiters, OKC 52.86N/A+52.864324.810.
30. Tony Wroten, PHI 52.01N/A+52.013029.816.
31. Andre Iguodala, GS 51.84N/A+51.844127.
32. DeMar DeRozan, TOR 51.81N/A+51.812432.918.34.02.540.379.6
33. Tony Allen, MEM 50.97N/A+50.973725.
34. J.R. Smith, CLE 50.94N/A+50.943528.
35. Anthony Morrow, OKC 50.90N/A+50.903824.
36. Nick Young, LAL 50.12N/A+50.123523.914.
37. Jason Terry, HOU 49.22N/A+49.224222.
38. Bojan Bogdanovic, BKN (Rookie)49.18N/A+49.184322.
39. Lance Stephenson, CHA 49.12N/A+49.123131.
40. Alan Anderson, BKN 47.94N/A+47.944422.
41. Wayne Ellington, LAL 47.75N/A+47.753720.
42. Gary Neal, CHA 46.81N/A+46.813722.
43. Eric Gordon, NO 46.45N/A+46.452432.512.02.73.443.779.5
44. Austin Rivers, LAC 45.74N/A+45.744121.
45. Kevin Martin, MIN 44.05N/A+44.05929.820.43.71.948.387.5
46. Hollis Thompson, PHI 43.59N/A+43.593425.
47. Dante Exum, UTA (Rookie)43.29N/A+43.294519.
48. Ben Gordon, ORL 42.90N/A+42.904315.
49. Vince Carter, MEM 42.66N/A+42.664316.
50. Andre Roberson, OKC 42.50N/A+42.503721.
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