NBA Total Player Ratings

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Regular Season
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The NBA Total Player Ratings are a total player-rating system based on various offensive and defensive statistics. Players increase their scores with every contribution they make to the game.

149. Luis Scola, IND 53.27N/A+53.274720.
366. John Salmons, NO 15.99N/A+15.992013.
223. Tayshaun Prince, BOS 45.02N/A+45.023123.
136. Nene, WAS 54.59N/A+54.593925.
356. Drew Gooden, WAS 18.81N/A+18.812211.
176. Mike Dunleavy, CHI 50.37N/A+50.373329.
150. Rasual Butler, WAS 53.26N/A+53.264222.
206. Caron Butler, DET 47.44N/A+47.444521.
105. Carlos Boozer, LAL 58.23N/A+58.234524.812.
106. Matt Barnes, LAC 57.88N/A+57.884328.
260. Chris Andersen, MIA 39.49N/A+39.492920.
383. Gerald Wallace, BOS 12.50N/A+12.50187.
434. Jason Richardson, PHI -22.50N/A-22.5000.
34. Zach Randolph, MEM 69.99N/A+69.993632.517.111.91.751.374.0
148. Tony Parker, SA 53.31N/A+53.313229.
40. Joe Johnson, BKN 68.71N/A+68.714235.515.54.63.742.780.8
248. Richard Jefferson, DAL 41.08N/A+41.084115.
400. Brendan Haywood, CLE 8.40N/A+8.40165.
7. Pau Gasol, CHI 79.27N/A+79.274435.018.311.92.848.582.5
38. Tyson Chandler, DAL 69.08N/A+69.084431.110.511.91.267.474.7
338. Hedo Turkoglu, LAC 24.55N/A+24.55289.
337. Mike Miller, CLE 24.83N/A+24.833216.
413. Kenyon Martin, MIL 2.56N/A+2.5685.
89. Jamal Crawford, LAC 60.39N/A+60.394425.815.72.02.840.090.9
187. Jason Terry, HOU 49.22N/A+49.224222.
244. Andre Miller, WAS 42.34N/A+42.344612.
196. Shawn Marion, CLE 48.28N/A+48.284222.
427. Andrei Kirilenko, PHI -7.80N/A-7.8075.
127. Manu Ginobili, SA 56.11N/A+56.114024.712.43.04.841.974.1
367. Elton Brand, ATL 15.94N/A+15.941612.
86. Paul Pierce, WAS 61.09N/A+61.094326.912.
37. Dirk Nowitzki, DAL 69.29N/A+69.294329.718.
418. Nazr Mohammed, CHI 0.03N/A+0.03105.
242. Vince Carter, MEM 42.66N/A+42.664316.
437. Steve Nash, LAL -23.00N/A-23.0000.
201. Kevin Garnett, BKN 47.81N/A+47.813521.
40. Tim Duncan, SA 68.71N/A+68.714130.314.810.03.148.872.9
43. Kobe Bryant, LAL 68.35N/A+68.353534.522.35.75.637.381.3