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Lonzo Ball dropped 13 dimes in a loss to the Pelicans and then talked about it.
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Lonzo Ball made some Los Angeles Lakers history on Sunday night. 
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On Wednesday night, Thunder forward Paul George will face his former team - the Indiana Pacers - for the first time.
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The Lakers new guard scored his first points in style.
Right before Wiggins hit his shot, Carmelo Anthony hit a 3 to put the Thunder in front
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Roberson whiffs on back-to-back free-throw attempts
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The Clippers guard is set to miss a significant amount of time.
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The Minnesota center made the opposition look downright foolish.
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The Pelicans coach envisions greatness for Lonzo
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Could Steven Adams play quarterback for some NFL teams? While the 7-footer may be from Australia, apparently he's familiar with American football as you can see in the

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