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Kirk Cousins and DeMarcus Cousins don't look anything alike, but they do share the resemblance of a last name. For those who aren't aware, DeMarcus was ejected from Monday
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Frye thinks Domino's is too "saucy"
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James' character in the movie is named Gwangi
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LaVar Ball isn't seeing eye-to-eye with Lakers head coach Luke Walton when it comes to his son, Lonzo Ball.
LeBron's minutes are a common point of discussion this season
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The Oklahoma City Thunder can't seem to get on a true hot streak. While it feels like yesterday they were on a three-game win streak, the Thunder have dropped their last
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Thompson randomly gets interviewed about scaffolding
Kevin Garnett thinks a one-and-done rule change would benefit schools more than anything else
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The Oklahoma City Thunder are the definition of an up-and-down team. Despite being considered one of the top teams in the Western Conference, the Thunder have gotten off to
The Warriors are light years ahead, but James Harden is off to a red-hot start with the Rockets

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