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Wade leaving Chicago is reportedly a matter of when, not if
| 1503510353
The Cavaliers turned down a substantial offer from the Milwaukee Bucks for All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving.
| 1503509755
Diaw is hoping to get another NBA contract
Wiggins might have to find a unique way to sign the paperwork sent to his now former agency
| 1503508171
The Cavs wanted Tatum but the Celtics weren't going to trade the rookie
The Cavs ultimately got a good haul for Irving, but could have landed the Dubs' All-Star sharpshooter
| 1503507203
The rest of the NBA better prepare themselves
| 1503506529
They were the two best teams in the NBA East, and they remain so, even after Tuesday's blockbuster trade that saw the Cleveland Cavaliers work from their over-a-barrel
| 1503505665
Kanter is very impressed with the talent of JR Smith
The King acknowledged the mega trade late on Tuesday, calling Kyrie a 'special talent/guy'

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