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If there was any animosity behind the scenes between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, James didn't show it as he bid farewell to his teammate of three seasons on Twitter.
How the addition of IT changes the Cavs and where they go this summer depending on LeBron's decision
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Ainge: "This is a trade that can make us better and that's why we did it"
Ainge said that he expects the start of Thomas' season to be delayed, but he'll be 'fine' long-term
The NBA MVP odds have shifted quite a bit following the blockbuster Kyrie Irving - Isaiah Thomas deal
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Ainge admits that Isaiah Thomas' injury factored into trade
It's debatable whether Boston gets better right away with Irving, but the future is definitely brighter
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Some Boston Celtics fans are not too happy following the trade that sent All-Star point guard Isaiah Thomas - and others - to Cleveland in exchange for Kyrie Irving. 
Kyrie Irving was set to grace the cover of this year's video game in a Cavs jersey -- whoops
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Wiggins is looking for a new agent

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