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"I think that a lot of it is overblown," Jones said Thursday in an interview on SiriusXM NBA Radio. "In being in the NBA for 13, 14 years, I've seen real tension.
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J.R. Smith believes "Hoodie Melo" is greater than "Regular Melo"
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KD won't let McHenry disparage his decision about not visiting the White House
The awards are voted on by peers in the NBA and adds to Russ' league MVP award he won this summer
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Beasley can't believe someone stole his truck
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Mickey takes his talents to South Beach
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Some of the current drama between Kyrie Irving and LeBron James can apparently be traced back to the fact that Irving thought James wanted Irving to be traded.
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Mutombo wants to be a part owner of the team he used to play
Minnesota is facing even bigger expectations headed into next season, and they'll be difficult to reach
When the NBA MVP odds came out, it got us thinking: Will stat-compiler Russell Westbrook win again?

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