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Dwight Howard wants to be a farmer in his future and retire with his donkeys
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Durant admits that it was him tweeting through his account
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Hopefully Celtics rookie forward Jayson Tatum isn't too worried about winning the Rookie of the Year award.
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Howard had no joy playing basketball when he was with the Rockets
K.D. is still battling online critics, while the new Celtics guard is openly disregarding LeBron James
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Adidas just jumped over the Jumpman.
Collins has been working as a broadcaster, and previously coached the Bulls from 1986-89
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The Warriors were good, like really good, last season, but they're going to be even better in the 2017-18 campaign, according to center Zaza Pachulia.
Before accounting for revenue-sharing payouts, 14 of league's 30 teams reportedly lost money last season

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