Power Rankings: Pacers command respect; Westbrook has OKC moving

by | NBA Writer

You can glean a lot from a résumé. Say someone has been in the same position for eight years, which likely shows us two things: 1) They are consistent, come to work every day and do their job. That's value. 2) They haven't earned a promotion nor have they sought a transfer or pursued better opportunities (presumably until now). This facet can be fine, depending upon the position (roll with me on this).

The point is, a résumé matters.

One subject is the San Antonio Spurs (6-1), who sit atop the NBA's Western Conference yet come in (spoiler alert) No. 4 on our list. How is that? They were unimpressive in a win over Golden State, which played without Stephen Curry. They had to squeak by the good-and-scrappy-but-come-on-it's-Phoenix Suns. They made their best statement in New York on Sunday, but that's akin to happening upon a dumpster fire and adding lighter fluid.

The Spurs are really good and making an unstoppable and inevitable climb to the top (they'll be No. 1 at some point, probably before Jan. 1). But right now, their résumé doesn't show that, no matter the standings.

Another subject, 7-0 Indiana, looks like a 7-0 team. They Pacers have blown out weak opponents. When desperate teams like the Raptors make contact with an early right hook, Indiana just goes to its corner and comes out for the second round with a barrage of body shots. The Pacers are fast and confident; they are beating playoff teams, bad teams and everything in between. Their résumé speaks for itself.

Sometimes we ignore the résumé. The Rockets are five spots ahead of the Lakers, who just beat them. That's because in that game, I'm 95 percent sure the Rockets were drunk. Houston (4-3) has issues right now but remains better overall than the Lakers. Houston has more power, though the Lakers are playing better now. If this trend keeps up another week, you'll likely see it flipped.

And so goes this edition of our Power Rankings.


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