Power Rankings: Month in, getting clues to confounding mysteries

by | NBA Writer

And just like that, the first month of the season is over. It was one most teams would like to forget. The first month is not when championships are won, where teams' identities are forged or where we learn conclusive answers. But it does give us clues.

And November clued us in on a few things. We know the East is bad. We know the Pacers are good. We know that the list of great teams is very small. And we know a lot of the power rankings after our first month don't make much sense, given what we thought we knew coming into the season.

The Blazers have the highest ranking in the Western Conference? The Nuggets are higher than the Warriors? The Grizzlies and Bulls are closer to the end than the beginning? The Knicks are dead last? DEAD LAST?!

But that's what makes sports fun, and what makes the NBA's at-times exhaustively long season more revealing than most. We have a landscape different than we expected after the first month. We have theories. Now we find out if the evidence from here on out proves them right or wrong.

And maybe we can figure out what the hell is going on in the Atlantic Division.

Here's this week's power rankings:


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