NBA Power Rankings: Desperation starts showing at All-Star break

by | NBA Writer

How desperate are you?

While the approaching All-Star Weekend provides rest from the grind of the season, each team knows its situation and understands this respite also is an opportunity to address upcoming challenges, and its level of desperation.

The Pistons found that level, getting a head start Sunday by firing Mo Cheeks. Firing Cheeks doesn't solve their problems, but it's a start. The Cavaliers hit their point of desperation even earlier, firing GM Chris Grant last week.

Over All-Star Weekend, deals will be considered ahead of the Feb. 20 trade deadline. Players will be on the move, with some teams buying to make a playoff run and others selling then fully committing to tanking, which all of those clubs will deny.

The first two months, teams are finding out where they fit. The next month and a half is about dealing with that, and the final two are about taking steps in the team's chosen direction.

So there are many questions left unanswered. Among them: Are the Clippers good enough as they are or will they make a move? Will the Spurs make a significant move to upgrade? Can someone make an unexpected move toward a title or the future?

It all comes down to one question each team has to ask.

How desperate are you?


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