NBA Power Rankings: No shortage of questions entering second half

by | NBA Writer

As the unofficial second half of the season begins, we get the questions.

How will the trade deadline shape up? Who's going to get home court in the playoffs? Can this team survive? Can this other team turn it around?

And in truth, this look to the future misses something valuable. Look at what has already happened. A Boston or Milwaukee winning a few more games later in the season when everyone's shutting it down doesn't change how bad they are. There's still a lot to consider and take stock of already.

And for some teams, they've already accomplished a lot. Even if the Suns or Trail Blazers fall into a pit in the second half of the season, they've had one of their best seasons ever. The Pacers' questions are trivial and minute. They're established.

But there are important questions about teams like the Clippers. Can they really make themselves into a contender in a season? Can they go from "good, not great" to "excellent, definitely" in less than a year? That's a big challenge.

Some things we know, and we should take stock. But the big questions are still ahead of us to answer.

With that, here are this week's Power Rankings.


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