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CBSSports.com and the NFL team bloggers from FanSided.com team up to give you the second annual "Real" Live Football Mock Draft. Acting as General Manager of each of the NFL's 32 teams, the FanSided crew makes the best pick available for their franchise, based on team needs, best available players and other key issues.

The Draft is complete. Check out the decisions each blogger made for the team they follow and read their reasons for making the picks they did. Agree? Disagree? Have it out on the message boards below.

Then on Thursday, April 22, be sure to check out CBSSports.com's live coverage of the NFL Draft with Inside the Draft Live. Get a complete and interactive draft experience, with live on-location video updates, instant draft pick analysis and more.

Mock General Managers
AFC East
Buffalo Bills
Kyle Giunta is entering his second season with Fansided covering the Bills, is 24 years old, and has loved the Bills his whole life. Though at times, he admits that he has no idea why. Growing up in Rochester has allowed him to follow the Bills up close and personal from training camp to locker clean out day. Kyle now lives in Brooklyn, NY where he loves taking every opportunity to get involved with Bills Nation while hating on the Jets fans which surround him like a plague of locusts.
Follow Kyle Giunta's coverage of the Bills at BuffaLowdown.com.
Miami Dolphins
Brian Miller has been the PhinPhanatic.com lead writer since day 1. A lifelong Dolphins fan, Brian has attended 3 Web Weekend events hosted by the Miami Dolphins representing the PhinPhanatic site. In addition, Brian is one of two hosts on the Tuesday night Finsradio.net radio show, "On The FinSide." Brian also is one of the Administrators for the FanSided Forums. Brian resides in NC with his wife and son.
Follow Brian Miller's coverage of the Dolphins at PhinPhanatic.com.
New England Patriots
Jamie Pacheco has been a lifelong Patriots fan. He entered the blogging world in 2007 through the now-defunct "Patriot Act." He joined FanSided late in the 2009 NFL season and has been with Musket Fire ever since. Outside of the blogosphere, Jamie is a science teacher at Durfee High School in Fall River, Mass.
Follow FanSided's coverage of the Patriots at MusketFire.com.
New York Jets
Marc A. Greenberg is an Attorney in New Jersey who was raised into the proud tradition that is the New York Jets. Among his other failures is being a Mets, Rangers and Knicks fan.
Follow FanSided's coverage of the Jets at TheJetPress.com.

AFC North
Baltimore Ravens
Joe Barnes is the lead blogger here at The Ebony Bird, and has been since taking over in December 2008. His favorite all-time Ravens are Tony Siragusa, Elvis Grbac (huh?) and Sam Koch. His dream is to one day know what he’s talking about and for the Ravens to sign or trade for a legitimate #1 wideout under 28 years of age.
Follow Joe Barnes' coverage of the Ravens at EbonyBird.com.
Cleveland Browns
Steve DiMatteo has been a fan of the Cleveland Browns for as long as he can remember, and wonders how he survived the void in his life when the team left for Baltimore. Currently, he is attending Ohio University, battling the throngs of "Who Dey?" calls that are inevitably shrieked every Sunday. He lives in Painesville, Ohio, right in the heart of the snow belt..
Follow Steve DiMatteo's coverage of the Browns at DawgPoundDaily.com.
Cincinnati Bengals
Nate Wilkinson is a long-time Bengals fan who remembers both David Shula and David Klingler -- and somehow lived to tell about it. He has covered the NFL for The York Dispatch and has earned awards from the Keystone Press Association and the Associated Press Sports Editors. He's working as a freelance journalist in the Pittsburgh area and anxiously awaiting the second-coming of the Ickey Shuffle.
Follow FanSided's coverage of the Bengals at StripeHype.com.
Pittsburgh Steelers
Chris Viola is a third generation yinzer, born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He’s a 1998 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, with a double major in technical writing and dining at The O. Currently employed by Heinz, he’s spent the past four years conducting an exhaustive search for that ever elusive 58th variety. Fear not, as this will bias his coverage of the Steelers in no way, shape, or form. If you looked “Chris” up in the dictionary, his name would be synonymous with “integrity.” And a series of expletives. But once you get to know him, he sure is swell.
Follow Chris Viola's coverage of the Steelers at NicePickCowher.com.

AFC South
Houston Texans
Ben Nance is a native Houstonian and graduate of the University of Houston. He is the Network Producer for the CarGuy Show Radio Network (heard each Saturday in Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio). Also, he works as a Producer for SportsRadio 610 (KILT-AM) in Houston. In his spare time (which isn't often), he enjoys Houston Texans football, beer and good looking women (in no particular order).
Follow FanSided's coverage of the Texans at ToroTimes.com.
Indianapolis Colts
Josh Sanchez is a lifelong sports fan who majored in journalism at Seton Hill University. He started off regularly posting on message boards before starting his own blog back in early 2008. Josh is the lead blogger for the mixed martial arts website CagePages.com on the Fansided Network, a main contributor for the network's NFL Draft Site, NFLMocks.com, and he recently joined the Fansided Sports Blog team as a featured contributor.
Follow FanSided's coverage of the Colts at NaptownsFinest.com.
Jacksonville Jaguars
Terry O'Brien was born in Erie, Pa., equally distant from the Bills, Browns, and Steelers. As a very young man hewent with his dad to Bills games, but he switched to the Browns in time to watch the Brian Sipe then Bernie Kosar era. He hates the Steelers but loves his Steeler friends. Moving to Jacksonville in 2005, he bought season tickets and watched the best defensive football in 2006. In 2007, the running game was stunning and won him over again.
Follow Terry O'Brien's coverage of the Jaguars at BlackAndTeal.com.
Tennessee Titans
Josh Graves
Follow FanSided's coverage of the Titans at TitanSized.com.

AFC West
Denver Broncos
Kim Constantinesco is a Predominately Orange lead blogger. She has also been published in A&U and the International Library of Poetry. Kim is a long time Bronco fan and currently resides in Denver, Colorado.
Follow Kim Constantinesco's coverage of the Broncos at PredominantlyOrange.com.
Kansas City Chiefs
Patrick Allen was brought on to be the new co-lead blogger for Arrowhead Addict in December of ‘09. Along with being an avid sports fan, Patrick is also a writer and actor living in NYC. He is thrilled to have turned his obsessive love of the Kansas City Chiefs into an actual job. There is nothing quite like watching a football game, drinking a beer and calling it work.
Follow Patrick Allen's coverage of the Chiefs at ArrowheadAddict.com.
Oakland Raiders
Chris Shellcroft is a Los Angeles native whose Raider Roots can be traced to those glorious years when Al Davis was kind enough to share the passion of the "Just Win Baby" attitude with Southern California. A graduate of California State University of Northridge, Chris is a working professional in the entertainment industry and has worked on feature films such as "The Chronicles of Riddick" and reality televsion hits like "The Last Comic Standing."
Follow Chris Shellcroft's coverage of the Raiders at JustBlogBaby.com.
San Diego Chargers
Chris Bowen was born in Chula Vista and raised in Charger blue. He grew up a sports freak with the San Diego Chargers at the forefront of his obsession. He has been watching the Chargers since Qualcomm Stadium was known as Jack Murphy Stadium. He still catches himself calling it that on occasion.
Follow Chris Bowen's coverage of the Chargers at BoltBeat.com.

NFC East
Dallas Cowboys
Dan Telvock, who lives in Virginia, is the chief blogger at thelandryhat.com. Born and raised in New York, Dan has been a Cowboys fan since he was 5 years old. His favorite players are Ed "Too Tall" Jones, Tony Dorsett, Randy White, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Moose Johnson, Michael Irvin, Tony Romo and Marion Barber. While living in Virginia, he constantly has to defend his team against rabid Redskins fans. He created this blog to help him vent, and support his favorite team. Dan is 33 years old and a professional journalist who covers government and politics.
Follow Dan Telvock's coverage of the Cowboys at TheLandryHat.com.
New York Giants
Paul Graziano
Follow FanSided's coverage of the Giants at GMenHQ.com.
Philadelphia Eagles
Scott Tunstall has been bleeding green since he was eight years old. He still remembers watching the Eagles lose to the Raiders in Super Bowl XV. He has followed the Birds ever since, living through the good and bad days. His most memorable day as an Eagles fan was Jan. 23, 2005: The day the Eagles defeated the Falcons in the NFC championship to advance to their first Super Bowl in 24 years. Watching Donovan McNabb hoist the George Halas Trophy was a proud moment.
Follow Scott Tunstall's coverage of the Eagles at InsideTheIggles.com.
Washington Redskins
Ryan Estorninos is the lead writer for Riggo's Rag. Currently working for one the largest non-profit advertising firms in the nation, Ryan has also covered the Redskins wall to wall since Fall 2009. He looks to provide top notch Redskins related content to you, and your input and leads are more than welcome.
Follow Ryan Estorninos' coverage of the Redskins at RiggosRag.com.

NFC North
Chicago Bears
Mike Burzawa is a lifelong Chicagoan and a die hard fan of Da Bears. He has been around for the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. What was your favorite moment of the Cade McNown era? If you ask Mike, it was the end. He has been going on an annual trip to an away Bears game for the last 13 years.
Follow Mike Burzawa's coverage of the Bears at BearGogglesOn.com.
Detroit Lions
Kevin Ferguson is an Alumni of Michigan State University, Class of '03, BS in Human Resources Management and BA in Sociology. His passions are sports and fine wine. He joined the Guild of Sommeliers (wine experts) in '07. Kevin spends wayyyy too much time on the internet and when he isn't soaking in the awesomeness of the Detroit Lions, he his tasting wine and talking about it on the inter-webs.
Follow Kevin Ferguson's coverage of the Lions at SideLionReport.com.
Green Bay Packers
Jclombardi is a Packers blogger, senior writer, author, speaker, publisher, & consultant. Going back to the Lombardi era, he is a diehard legendary Packers fan in the Midwest. It’s a tough life living in Bears and Rams country. As a published author, he has written works about poetry, prose, nonfiction, narrative history, and feature stories. Also, he conducts guest speaking tours at town hall and historical society meetings throughout mainstreet communities in the country. As a French-American icon, he enjoys the theater, specific sports, writing, speaking, and traveling the world.
Follow Jclombardi's coverage of the Packers at LombardiAve.com.
Minnesota Vikings
Dan Zinski is TheVikingAge.com’s lead writer, an aspiring novelist and long-time Viking fan. He currently lives behind enemy lines in Wisconsin, where the fat people with foam cheese on their heads nearly out-number the mosquitoes.
Follow Dan Zinski's coverage of the Vikings at TheVikingAge.com.

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons
Troy Heinzman has been an avid sports fan all his life. He grew up eight miles north of Portland, Oregon and of course became a Trailblazer, Seahawk and Mariner fan. He majored in Print Journalism at college where he was was the editor of the student newspaper. He became a fan of the Falcons while working as the beat writer for RotoWire. He's also the Lead Blogger at Heinzman Media Sports.
Follow Troy Heinzman's coverage of the Falcons at BloggingDirty.com.
Carolina Panthers
Eric Quackenbush is a student at the Pennsylvania State University, majoring in Mass Communications. He has been a fan and follower of the Panthers since the team’s inaugural season, but really got into football around 2001. Writing about the Panthers is a labor of love; something he has never had the opportunity to experience until now.
Follow Eric Quackenbush's coverage of the Panthers at CatCrave.com.
New Orleans Saints
Keith Null is a freelance writer currently living in the Little Rock area. Since he is close to New Orleans he takes every opportunity to visit for home games and team events. If you ever happen to attend a Saints training camp you just might see him there, sitting squarely on the first row! His passion for the team is undeniable and his enthusiasm for reporting on the team is unmatched.
Follow Keith Null's coverage of the Saints at WhoDatDish.com.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Dustin Staggers was born in Daytona Beach Fla., and moved to Tampa at age 1. He has been a Bucs season ticket holder since 2002 and has been going to games since as far back as '89. He is also the founder and Chief Operating Officer of Staggers Enterprises Incorporated and a personal chef in the Tampa Bay area with aspirations of opening restaurants.
Follow Dustin Staggers' coverage of the Buccaneers at ThePewterPlank.com.

NFC West
Arizona Cardinals
Scott Allen has been a Cardinals fan since day one in 1988. He had a job with the Cardinals during seasons two and three in Arizona as a ballboy during training camp. He is an avid sports fan who loves all major sports teams in Phoenix. He was even married at an Arizona Diamondbacks game. He grew up on sports and got his love for football from his father, who played college ball at Northwestern University. He has a degree in journalism from the University of Arizona.
Follow Scott Allen's coverage of the Cardinals at RaisingZona.com.
San Francisco 49ers
Eric Melendez has been a lifelong 49ers fan all while growing up behind enemy lines in Rams territory (before the 49ers made them move east) of Orange County, Calif. Influenced by cousins to become a 49ers fan at an early age, his dad -- a lifelong Rams fan -- took him to see the 49ers play each year at Anaheim Stadium against the L.A. Rams in the glory years of the 1990s. Before moving to San Francisco, Eric lived in San Diego for four years where he obtained his BA in English at San Diego State University. Eric is also an aspiring fiction novelist.
Follow Eric Melendez's coverage of the 49ers at NinerNoise.com.
Seattle Seahawks
Shaun Dolence is the textbook definition of a homer sports fan. Born and raised in Seattle, there isn't one local team that he doesn't follow and cheer for -- except for the Cougars. The Seahawks are his true passion, however, and he believes there is no better time of the year than football season.
Follow Shaun Dolence's coverage of the Seahawks at 12thManRising.com.
St. Louis Rams
Justin Stine was born in the St. Louis area in 1985 and has lived in the area for his entire life, and his family has been season ticket holders for the Rams since the day the team moved from LA. He recently graduated from McKendree University with a degree in English/Writing and he has worked in the fantasy sports writing business for much of the last year. It has been a rollercoaster ride being a Rams fan over the last 15 years, but he has stayed true through all of the ups and downs and has yet to give up hope.
Follow FanSided's coverage of the Rams at RamblinFan.com.