Ever since the NFL draft was split into three days, Day 3 has brought with it the quirky pick announcements. Maybe you'll see a fan riling up the crowd at the team facility. Maybe there will be some sort of animal doing something. Maybe a member of the active-duty military will get to announce the selection from overseas. 

There are all kinds of ways teams can go about it, but prior to this year, nobody had ever done what the Baltimore Ravens did on Saturday: have their pick announced by someone who read the name off the card in Braille. 

With pick No. 123, Mo Gaba, a 13-year-old Ravens superfan who is battling cancer for the fourth time and has been blind since he was nine months old, announced that the Ravens selected Ben Powers, a guard out of Oklahoma. It was a pretty cool moment, and one that will presumably be remembered by Gaba, Ravens fans, NFL fans, and blind people everywhere. 

Here's the live look from Baltimore's war room. 

Again, pretty cool.