The 2020 NFL Draft is underway, and it could end up being the most-watched NFL Draft of all time. The COVID-19 pandemic, the stay-at-home orders and the lack of live sports have made this one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year. As legal gambling has become more and more prevalent in the United States, the NFL Draft has emerged as one of those Super Bowl-like events that people turn into a way to spend and potentially make money. 

William Hill Sportsbook released a hefty list of props before the draft, including several intriguing options. From over/unders on specific draft positions to odds on which specific team will select a prospect, they had it all. 

We took a look at some of the most interesting prop bets for the 2020 NFL Draft, and we're circling back to let you know how the results shook out, with the result that hit in bold. Below each, you can find CBS Sports draft expert Josh Edwards' predraft pick he liked for each prop.

Tua Tagovailoa Draft Position

Over 3.5 (-360)
Under 3.5 (+280)

Tagovailoa appeared to be one of the most polarizing players in the draft, but the Dolphins took him at No. 5 overall. No surprises. 

Edwards' predraft pick: It is certainly a possibility that a team moves up to No. 2 or No. 3 overall to select Tagovailoa. However, it has been trending away from that possibility in recent weeks. This one could go either way, but I'll take the Over.

The first round of the draft is in the books, so who were the winners and losers? Will Brinson and the Pick Six Podcast Superfriends are here to break it all down; listen below and be sure to subscribe for daily NFL goodness.

Which Team Will Draft Tua Tagovailoa

Miami Dolphins +100
Los Angeles Chargers +140
Jacksonville Jaguars +700
Detroit Lions +1000
New England Patriots +1500
Washington Redskins +1500

The Dolphins were the clear favorite here.

Edwards' predraft pick: The Chargers really like Tagovailoa but Miami has the draft capital to make this happen, if necessary. I am rolling with the Dolphins in this one. 

Justin Herbert Draft Position

Over 5.5 (-110)
Under 5.5 (-110)

Many experts had Herbert going to the Chargers, so again -- no surprise here. 

Edwards' predraft pick: It essentially boils down to whether the Dolphins would take him at No. 5 overall. Quarterbacks always go earlier than expected, yet I am still going to be suckered into taking the Over. 

Which Team Will Draft Justin Herbert

Miami Dolphins -120
Los Angeles Chargers +140
Jacksonville Jaguars +1200
Las Vegas Raiders +1400
Carolina Panthers +1500
Indianapolis Colts +1500
New England Patriots +1500

Edwards' predraft pick: Miami is supposedly comfortable with Herbert but I still see them preferring Tagovailoa. I expect that he is taken first. Who would then take Herbert? The Chargers are outwardly projecting Tyrod Taylor as their starter but it is not being bought around here. I'll wager Los Angeles claims him.  

Jordan Love Draft Position

Over 19.5 (-170)
Under 19.5 (+140)

The Packers made the most shocking pick of the first round when they traded up to No. 26 overall to draft Love. 

Edwards' predraft pick: If Love slips passed the Jaguars at No. 8 overall, I would expect someone to move up into the top 20. The Patriots and Saints are possibilities in that scenario. It would not be out of character for Las Vegas to end his fall at No. 19 overall either. I'll take the Under. 

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Jacob Eason Draft Position

Over 53.5 (-110)
Under 53.5 (-110)

It's hard not to be intrigued by the under here. Eason has a big arm and possibly could be a first-round pick.

Edwards' predraft pick: Eason is being projected late in Round 2 and that is the most likely scenario barring a trade up. The Under would not surprise me but I am taking the Over. 

Jalen Hurts Draft Position

Over 60.5 (-110)
Under 60.5 (-110)

Hurts is another prospect who might go higher than people expect.

Edwards' predraft pick: Personally, I would not select Hurts in the second round. However, someone is destined to do just that. I will take the Under on Hurts at 60.5. 

Jake Fromm Draft Position

Over 68.5 (-110)
Under 68.5 (-110)

If there is a run on quarterbacks in the first or second round, Fromm could go higher than you might expect.

Edwards' predraft pick: I love Fromm pre-snap but he needs the roster to be built up around him to find success. He can be a quality backup or a low level starter in my opinion. Those players typically do not land in Round 2 or higher. I will take the Over. 

Jerry Jeudy Draft Position

Over 12.5 (+120)
Under 12.5 (-150)

Jeudy is widely regarded as the top receiver in this class, but did suffer a bit of a fall on draft day. Both he and CeeDee Lamb did. The Broncos stopped Jeudy's tumble at No. 15 overall.  

Edwards' predraft pick:I still feel as though the Jets will take an offensive tackle at No. 11 overall. To hit the Under, Jeudy would have to be taken by the Raiders at No. 12 overall or a team would need to trade up for him. I am torn on this one. The Browns are a power broker in this scenario because they could trade out of No. 10 overall. I am still inclined to take the Over.

Which Team Will Draft Jerry Jeudy

Las Vegas Raiders +140
New York Jets +250
San Francisco 49ers +550
Denver Broncos +700
Field (Any Other Team) +800
Indianapolis Colts +800

Both Edwards and I were on the Broncos taking Jeudy. I hope you were too. 

Edwards' predraft pick: The Broncos strike me as good value here. They are supposedly enamored with the prospect and willing to move up for the right to select him. 

CeeDee Lamb Draft Position

Over 12.5 (+100)
Under 12.5 (-130)

Lamb falling to No. 17 overall where the Cowboys were waiting was definitely something that surprised me.  

Edwards' predraft pick: Again, it is essentially Raiders or bust for Lamb in the top 12. The odds of him landing beyond 12 is more likely. It seems unlikely that Lamb and Jeudy would both be taken in the top 12 so that could be a way to hedge bets. I'll take the Over on Lamb's spot. 

Henry Ruggs III Draft Position

Over 14.5 (+100)
Under 14.5 (-130)

I always knew there was a possibility Ruggs III could end up being the first wideout to go. The Raiders selected him at No. 12 overall. 

Edwards' predraft pick: I'll take the Under. There are more teams that could take him above that slotting. The Jets, Raiders and 49ers are all possibilities. A trade up could also open the door. 

Justin Jefferson Draft Position

Over 21.5 (+140)
Under 21.5 (-170)

Jefferson landed right at No. 22 -- to the Minnesota Vikings. 

Edwards' predraft pick: I think Jefferson is closer in talent to Lamb, Jeudy and Ruggs than the next tier. His floor feels like the Eagles at No. 21 overall. I will take the Under. 

Tee Higgins Draft Position

Over 34.5 (-110)
Under 34.5 (-110)

Higgins is a wide receiver who could be selected in the first round, so the Under is intriguing here.

Edwards' predraft pick: I'll take the Over. I value Higgins in that range but there are a lot of options and it is just as easy that he slides a bit further down. Injuries and pre-draft workouts likely necessitate a slide. 

D'Andre Swift Draft Position

Over 30.5 (-110)
Under 30.5 (-110)

Swift is considered the top running back in this class and a candidate to go in the first round. Will that be in the middle of the first round or late, however? Or he could fall into the second round. 

Edwards' predraft pick: I'll take the Over. If anyone takes him in the first round, it would probably be the Chiefs at No. 32 overall. No one is going to trade up for a running back. 

Jonathan Taylor Draft Position

Over 37.5 (-120)
Under 37.5 (+100)

Taylor will probably be the second running back to be taken in this class, and it's hard to make heads or tails of this line.

Edwards' predraft pick: I'll take the Over again. Fumbles are a concern and it is hard to justify his selection there. The running back group gets pretty crowded in Round 2 and teams will find that it is strictly a matter of preference. 

J.K. Dobbins Draft Position

Over 46.5 (-110)
Under 46.5 (-110)

If there is a run on running backs in the second round, Dobbins could hit the Under.

Edwards' predraft pick: The line is split, and for good reason. It could go either way. I will take the Over here; a common theme at the running back position it seems. 

Jedrick Wills Draft Position

Over 8.5 (+100)
Under 8.5 (-130)

Wills ended up being the second offensive tackle selected in the draft. The Browns took him at No. 10 overall. 

Edwards' predraft pick: If the Giants do not take Wills at No. 4 overall, I think the Cardinals will take him at No. 8 overall. Give me the Under. 

Tristan Wirfs Draft Position

Over 8.5 (+140)
Under 8.5 (-170)

Wirfs is considered the most athletic offensive tackle in this class but he suffered quite a fall on Thursday night. He ended up with Tom Brady and the Buccaneers at No. 13 overall. 

Edwards' predraft pick: My frame of mind with Wills is similar to Wirfs. I think one will go at No. 4 overall and the other will go No. 8 overall. I'll take the Under again. 

Andrew Thomas Draft Position

Over 10.5 (+100)
Under 10.5 (-120)

Definitely one of the bigger surprises of the night. Thomas became the first tackle to be selected when the Giants took him at No. 4. 

Edwards' predraft pick: Unless Cleveland trades for Trent Williams before the draft, I do not believe Thomas would get by them at No. 10 overall. I'll take the Under. 

Second Overall Pick in the 2020 Draft

Chase Young -1000
Tua Tagovailoa +600
Joe Burrow +2000
Justin Herbert +2800
Isaiah Simmons +4000

No surprise here. 

Edwards' predraft pick: There is buzz that Washington might trade out of that selection. At the end of the day, I imagine they stay put despite already having a talented defensive line. I'll take Young. Tagovailoa would be my next lean if you're looking for value. 

Who Will Be Third QB Taken in the 2020 Draft

Justin Herbert -140
Tua Tagovailoa +115
Jordan Love +400
Joe Burrow +10000
Jake Fromm +15000
Jacob Eason +15000

Herbert was a lock to be the third quarterback taken all along. 

Edwards' predraft pick: If the question were, who will be the first or fourth quarterback taken, it would be much easier. If I were going to make a bet on this prop, it would be Tagovailoa because there is more value. However, in a bubble, my prediction would probably be Herbert. 

First Wide Receiver Drafted

Jerry Jeudy +120
CeeDee Lamb +130
Henry Ruggs +300
Tee Higgins +5000
Denzel Mims +5000
Justin Jefferson +5000

This was a tough one. I hope you at least considered sprinkling some on Ruggs. 

Edwards' predraft pick: If there were a three-headed coin, flip it. I'm going Jeudy. 

Total Quarterbacks Drafted in First Round

Over 4.5 (+400)
Under 4.5 (-600)

Most thought it was going to be four and that's exactly what happened.   

Edwards' predraft pick: I do not foresee Jacob Eason or Jalen Hurts getting into the first round. I will take the Under. 

Total Wide Receivers Drafted in First Round

Over 5.5 (-190)
Under 5.5 (+160)

Vegas is spot-on yet again. A total of six wide receivers were selected on Thursday.  

Edwards' predraft pick: Four will be drafted without question. I think one more would land there as well but I do not think the value supports six total in the first round. It is a deep class at wide receiver so teams will not feel pressured to get a guy in Round 1. I'll take the Under. 

Which Team Will Draft Chase Young

Washington Redskins -1000
Detroit Lions +750
New York Giants +1200
Cincinnati Bengals +1500
Miami Dolphins +1800
Los Angeles Chargers +2500

Edwards' predraft pick: It's the Redskins or Lions. There is no value on other teams. Again, I think the Redskins select him. I do think there is some value on the Lions though. Washington needs a linebacker more than it needs another edge rusher. 

Isaiah Simmons Draft Position

Over 6.5 (-140)
Under 6.5 (+110)

Simmons fell all the way to No. 8, but the Cardinals seem like a pretty sweet landing spot. 

Edwards' predraft pick: Tough, tough call. I will take the Over. Washington and Los Angeles could come into play. 

Which Team Will Draft Isaiah Simmons 

New York Giants +180
Carolina Panthers +200
Detroit Lions +300
Field (Any Other Team) +500
Arizona Cardinals +600
Jacksonville Jaguars +800

Edwards' predraft pick: I believe the Giants will take an offensive tackle after spending big on a few linebackers in free agency. I'll take the Panthers. 

Jeff Okudah Draft Position

Over 4.5 (-110)
Under 4.5 (-110)

Okudah is the top cornerback in this class and the Lions took him at No. 3 overall.   

Edwards' predraft pick: Unless there is a trade at the top, Okudah should go No. 3 overall to the Lions. I'll take the Under. 

Which Team Will Draft Jeff Okudah 

Detroit Lions -160
Carolina Panthers +450
Jacksonville Jaguars +800
Arizona Cardinals +800
Los Angeles Chargers +800
New York Giants +800

Edwards' predraft pick: Unless there is a trade at the top, Okudah should go No. 3 overall to the Lions. I'll take the Under. 

C.J. Henderson Draft Position

Over 12.5 (-200)
Under 12.5 (+150)

Henderson was a prospect that received some late love as Thursday approached. He ended up being a top 10 pick and went No. 9 overall to the Jaguars. 

Edwards' predraft pick: Let's get aggressive here and go Under. The Jets, Jaguars or Cardinals could take him straight up. There have also been murmurings that Atlanta might be looking to move up for him. 

Derrick Brown Draft Position

Over 8.5 (+130)
Under 8.5 (-150)

Brown was seen as a prospect that could fall in the first round, but he went No. 7 overall to the Panthers. 

Edwards' predraft pick: Where do teams value the interior defensive line? Brown is a top 8 talent but the positional value may not match. I still believe a team will select him in the top 8. Carolina could end his fall. I'll take the Under. 

Javon Kinlaw Draft Position

Over 13.5 (-110)
Under 13.5 (-110)

Kinlaw went No. 14 overall to the defending NFC Champions -- the San Francisco 49ers.  

Edwards' predraft pick: Take the over.

Total SEC Players Drafted in First Round 

Over 15.5 (+100)
Under 15.5 (-120)

It was so close but only 15 SEC players were drafted in the first round. Four out of the last five players selected in the first round were actually from the SEC, so they made a wild comeback at the end there. 

Edwards' predraft pick: I am going Under here. Half of the first round belonging to one conference would be remarkable and historic. Our CBS Sports aggregate rankings have 13 SEC players with first-round grades. They would need three more to make the Over hit.