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136. Seahawks: Nehemiah Pritchett, CB, Auburn

Grade: B-

Skinny burner type on the boundary. Exudes click-and-close skill. Leaves a lot to be desired as a tackler but not for lack of effort. Keen zone awareness. Shorter arms hurt his ability to consistently get his hands into throwing lanes. Athletic specimen though. 

137. Chargers: Tarheeb Still, CB, Maryland

Grade: C+

Chippy, fluid CB who wants to come up and hit people. Super-smooth hips. Doesn't have the length or pure speed to be lockdown type but gets the most out of his athletic skill set. Won't follow routes perfectly at the next level. Can be too grabby in man. Infectious energy on the field. Just lacks premier traits. 

138. Cardinals: Xavier Thomas, EDGE, Clemson

Grade: B

Former monster recruit who never quite met the expectations at Clemson but the lights did come on in 2023. Outside pass-rushing specialist. Burst and are all part of his game. Just needs to convert speed to power more frequently and develop hand work to win in the NFL. Sets surprisingly sturdy edge despite not being huge or crazy long. A need in Arizona. 

139. Commanders: Jordan Magee, LB, Temple

Grade: A-

High-cut plus athlete at the off-ball LB spot. Starter athleticism with requisite length. Inconsistent beating blocks. Can avoid them at times but not a calling card. Has the frame and athleticism to be a quality coverage 'backer just doesn't have much experience doing so to date. Range is there. 

140. Chargers: Cam Hart, CB, Notre Dame

Grade: B-

Old-school, long outside CB. Huge with extreme length. Moves well for his size but probably won't be able to stay with quick separators in the NFL on a regular basis. Last-resort grabbing gets him into trouble during the route. Speed is average and didn't make many plays on the ball but not tested often. Maybe move to safety?

141. Bills: Sedrick Van Pran-Granger, IOL, Georgia

Grade: A-

Multi-year starter in the SEC with wrestler's mentality. Battles through the whistle every snap. Mobility stands out. Explosive short-area quicks. Doesn't have supreme length and clearly has to add weight/strength to his game. Methodically carries out run-game duties with ease. Second-level climbs etc. Older prospect but comes with high floor. 

142. Colts: Anthony Gould, WR, Oregon State

Grade: B-

Small, tiny radius track type. Really flies. May even play faster than his timed speed. Does a reasonable job making grabs through physicality but not a specialty. Overall YAC skill -- contact balance, cutting skill -- isn't tremendous. But if he gets to green grass, he's gone. Wants to get North-South. Vertical specialist.

143. Falcons: JD Bertrand, LB, Notre Dame

Grade: C

So active, so smart. Always around the ball. Reads his keys in a flash. Block-avoider. Ascending coverage skill just minimal ball production at Notre Dame. High tackling numbers but also misses many.

144. Bears: Austin Booker, EDGE, Kansas

Grade: B

Long, sleek, surprisingly powerful EDGE. Pad level is incredibly high, so if he doesn't win with his length, his power is sapped. Swim and swipe move are there. Has some bend too. Has to add more sand in his pants at the NFL level. Works hard against the run. The flashes are impressive. Just raw.

145. Broncos: Kris Abrams-Draine, CB, Missouri

Grade: A+

Ultra-pesky inside-outside CB who rocked in the SEC for multiple years. Not incredibly fast nor any length with size. Awesome tackling reliability. Routinely finds and makes plays on the football underneath and at intermediate level. Has plus long speed. Spectacular value here. 

146. Titans: Jarvis Brownlee Jr., CB, Louisville

Grade: B-

Confident and feisty CB who can play inside or the perimeter. Not overly twitchy. Nice mix of physicality and athleticism at the line and during the route. Tackling is average at best. Same with ball skills and overall athletic skill set. Not tremendous anywhere but doesn't have a clear flaw. 

147. Broncos: Audric Estime, RB, Notre Dame

Grade: A-

Built like a Greek god. Ultra-wide frame and plays exactly how you'd expect. Defenders routinely fall off him. Very slow. Will not run away from many at the next level, yet still quick for his size. Can work through smaller tracks between the tackles. 

148. Raiders: Tommy Eichenberg, LB, Ohio State

Grade: A-

Ultra-active middle linebacker with a blitzing specialty. Smooth athlete a bit quicker than fast. Awareness is good in coverage, he will find crossers and understand in-breakers are working behind him. Strong tackler. Lack of speed and at times problems vs. blocks are weaknesses but this is a sound football player. 

149. Bengals: Josh Newton, CB, TCU

Grade: C

Outside, press man type. Some stiffness changing directions out of what is a very balanced backpedal. Checks size and length boxes. Not always aware when the football is arriving and doesn't have premier ball skills. Misses too many tackles. The press-coverage skill makes him intriguing but limited athletically. 

150. Saints: Spencer Rattler, QB, South Carolina

Grade: A-

Former huge recruit who once received first-round buzz. Arm talent jumps off the film. Unafraid to make any throw and at South Carolina connected on many of them. Low-level athlete despite some functional movement away from pressure. Accuracy is good, and reads coverages decently. Older prospect but does have upside. Smart investment this late. 

151. Colts: Jaylon Carlies, S, Missouri

Grade: B-

Enormous safety prospect. Would be sizable for the LB spot. And that's essentially what he is. Labored-ish movements in coverage but showed nice hip flip when sinking. Really attacks run plays because he knows how imposing of a specimen he is. Just needs to play more under control to not miss as many tackles. Speed is good, not great. Length helps him get to the football when it's in his target area. 

152. Eagles: Ainias Smith, WR, Texas A&M

Grade: A

Experienced, older prospect with YAC juice and plus contact balance. Slot, possession type and plays bigger than his shorter size, but he comes with a compact frame overall. Catch radius is very tiny. Will take time to become a quality route-runner. Gadget-y type in college. Dynamic honed skills.

153. Jaguars: Deantre Prince, CB, Missouri

Grade: B

Outside CB with rockets attached to his cleats. Can really run. Route-recognition skills must improve. High-effort type vs. the run but blockers devour him too often. Instinctive in coverage when everything is in front of him. Plays more athletically than his workout. With coaching can be solid pro.

154. Rams: Brennan Jackson, EDGE, Washington State

Grade: B+

Long, somewhat thick EDGE. Consistency problems arise on film but demonstrates high-level flashes of power and hand work. Despite overall athletic profile, many of his rushes simply stall out upon first contact. Ascending player but older. 

155. Eagles: Jeremiah Trotter Jr., LB, Clemson

Grade: A

Young, super-smart reasonable athlete at the off-ball LB spot. Speed can be special once he gets into top gear. Blitzing is a speciality. Active but not someone who plays at full throttle every play and tackling reliability could improve. Knows how to defeat blocks en route to the RB. What I love most are his ball skills and coverage chops underneath and at intermediate level. 

156. Browns: Jamari Thrash, WR, Louisville

Grade: A

Big-time sleeper. Sleek frame and proved to be a three-level winner at Louisville. Quickness shines and he has deceptive long speed. Will make defenders miss in space with great regularity. Some drops and doesn't have big catch radius. 

157. Panthers: Chau Smith-Wade, Washington State

Grade: B+

Agitating CB who played outside but will have a home in the slot in the NFL. Plays more athletically than his testing, Lightning quick feet. Because of his smaller size, he tends to opt for diving tackle attempts more than wrapping up. Speed is a concern but could be masked inside. Up for any challenge. 

158. Dolphins: Mohamed Kamara, EDGE, Colorado State

Grade: B

Smaller EDGE who converts speed to power consistently because of low center of gravity. Burst is there as is his dip/bend around the corner. Nice collection of pass-rush moves. Gets overwhelmed a lot because of his lack of size and length. Turns 25 in his rookie season.

159. Chiefs: Hunter Nourzad, IOL, Penn State

Grade: A-

Former Cornell blocker who excelled in Big 10 after transfer to Penn State. Battler without freaky athleticism but wins with angles and leverage. Sometimes larger, longer DTs give him problems but he'll fight to the finish every play. Awareness is awesome. Can get stronger. Hand work is good. High-floor type. 

160. Bills: Edefuan Ulofoshio, LB, Washington

Grade: A-

Six-year LB who starred for a long time as a full-time player in Washington's program. Big-time tester and it shows on the field. Just takes a second to diagnose. Keen block-avoider as he's sifting through traffic. Smooth athlete all around but doesn't quite play to his workout. Reliable tackler who also flashed coverage skill down the seam. High-floor pick here. Crowded LB room.

161. Commanders: Dominique Hampton, S, Washington

Grade: B-

One of the best overall athletes at the safety spot in this class. Explosive, bend, suddenness, it's all there. Play ID'ing skill should be sharper given he was at Washington for six years. Wants to be part of the action just very boom-or-bust as a tackler. Will find it in the air but not a man-coverage specialist. Grade: B-

162. Cardinals: Christian Jones, OT, Texas

Grade: A

One of the favorite mid-round OTs in this class. Despite not being a ridiculous athlete, Jones brings it on every snap and gets the most out of every bit of his physical talent. Has supreme length and uses it often. Plays with a mean streak. Mirrors pass rushes with good regularity and the anchor is already very developed. 

163. Packers: Jacob Monk, IOL, Duke

Grade: A-

Hyper-experienced, legitimately versatile blocker who probably plays center or guard at the next level. Athleticism and acceleration off the snap instantly stand out. Doesn't have immense size or length but can win with quickness or power against smaller upfield rushers. Classic Packers pick. He'll be a useful depth option for a while. 

164. Colts: Jaylin Simpson, S, Auburn

Grade: A-

One of those pesky, always-around-the-football Auburn defensive backs we've seen enter the league over the past five-plus years. Serious suddenness at the safety spot and robs the middle of the field with plus instincts and ball skills. Big hitter with plus long speed despite skinny frame. Traits type with solid production. 

165. Ravens: Rasheen Ali, RB, Marshall

Grade: B

Bigger burner at the RB spot. Not overly elusive in the hole or creative with the ball in his hands relative to other RBs in this class but can really scoot once he reaches the second level and has feature-back size. Very Ravens pick here on Day 3. 

166. Giants: Tyrone Tracy, RB, Purdue

Grade: A

Former Iowa WR turned Purdue RB. Incredible bounce and agility to make defenders miss when they're ready to make the tackle. Some breakaway speed too. Contact balance is good, not great. At times seems tentative hitting the hole but has the goods to make more than what's blocked. Older prospect who's new to the position. 

167. Jaguars: Keilan Robinson, RB, Texas

Grade: C-

Played behind two studs at Texas but made the most of his minimal attempts. Has breakaway speed in a smaller frame. Not a very decisive runner who can win with his vision alone. Not ultra-twitchy and elusive. Has some return ability. But this is too early for a developmental type. 

168. Bills: Javon Solomon, EDGE, Troy

Grade: A

Burst, bend, speed-predicated outside EDGE. Small frame but serious length. Unique build. Doesn't get engulfed by bigger blockers as much as expected because of his speed-to-power conversion. Hand work is good, not amazing and can flatten to the QB. Motor hums on every play. Bills needed this type of quick winner on the outside. 

169. Packers: Kitan Oladapo, CB, Oregon State

Grade: A

Very similar to Jaden Hicks who went a round earlier. Large, strong safety body type but fluid and instinctive in coverage. Could play with a tick more energy but his methodical style keeps him out of trouble. Re: missing tackles or being baited by misdirection. Huge interception radius. Speed is good, not great. Sound tackler.

170. Saints: Bub Means, WR, Pittsburgh

Grade: B+

Height/weight/speed specimen with the long-striding speed to the take the lid off the defense. Tracks it well and can carry out classic possession WR duties on the boundary when he's not going deep. Some YAC flashes but not his speciality. Prudent add, even though he's a niche type who won't separate a ton. 

171. Jets: Jordan Travis, QB, FSU

Grade: B-

Older but ascending passer who demonstrated clear improvement as a thrower during his collegiate career. Flair for the improvisational play with his legs and simply when keeping his eyes downfield after pressure mounts. Touch at all levels is good. Late-season torn ACL. Small frame with average at best arm talent but good accuracy.

172. Eagles: Trevor Keegan, IOL, Michigan

Grade: D+

Limited athlete at guard but has plenty of experience and run-blocking skill. Best blocking in phone booth. Has minimal range but does have good burst off the ball. The speed just stalls almost instantly. Aware of stunts and blitzes just can't always get there. Too early for him but I understand adding OL depth on Day 3. 

173. Jets: Isaiah Davis, RB, San Diego State

Grade: C 

Big, highly athletic feature back without serious top speed but nifty cutting skill at all levels of the field. Will make many defenders miss although could experience some growing pains making step up in competition. Serious feature back potential but another RB? 

174. Cowboys: Caelen Carson, CB, Wake Forest

Grade: B+

Smaller outside CB with just enough quicks to scoot inside if he needs to. Instincts are there. Quicker than fast. And some stiffness appears on film when getting out of his backpedal to change directions. Sound tackler. Not a standout trait type but does everything well. 

175. Saints: Jaylan Ford, LB, Texas

Grade: B

Lengthy middle linebacker with some suddenness to his game. Wasted movement appear on film. So do impressive plays on the football in coverage. Not an overly physical or high-motor defender. Sifts through traffic well. Has starter traits because of his three-down ability. Although he must tackle more soundly. 

176. Jets: Qwan'tez Stiggers, CB, Toronto (CFL)

Grade: C+

Traits and flash-based CB who still needs to learn the nuances of reading routes and understanding concepts but at times his athletic skill and size get him to the football. Twitch and speed jump out on film. Not a sound tackler right now.