Cowboys' Jerry Jones: 'I probably should've overpaid' for Paxton Lynch

In a matter of hours since selecting Dak Prescott as the first candidate to evolve into Tony Romo's eventual successor, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has already admitted that he preferred two players not named Dak Prescott to serve as the quarterback of the future.

For one, Jones admitted that he wanted to grab Connor Cook before the Raiders foiled his plans. Then he opened up about his desire for Paxton Lynch, who the Broncos snagged in the opening round Thursday night. Jones had already confirmed the Cowboys' interest in jumping up to pick Lynch, but he expanded on that interest after the draft wrapped Saturday night.

Jones apparently can't sleep at night.

He also regrets not overpaying for Lynch.

Instead, the Cowboys ended up with Prescott, using the 135th-overall pick. Prescott will now be given a chance to earn a "Harvard degree" in quarterbacking behind Romo, as Jones loves to call it.

Meanwhile, John Elway is (probably) definitely calling Jones on his direct line -- bypassing Stephen Jones -- to offer Lynch for the price of five first-round picks, Dez Bryant, and a lifetime supply of free tickets to any and every event at Jerry World.

Jerry Jones didn't sleep after missing out on his first-choice quarterback prospect. (USATSI)

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