Kyler Murray reportedly meets with Cardinals GM Steve Keim and coach Kliff Kingsbury on Oklahoma campus

The Cardinals are adding more fuel to the blaze that has already engulfed the team in rumors connecting them to Kyler Murray, the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback who has emerged as the expected No. 1 pick in this year's draft (read more on him here).

On Tuesday, Cardinals general manager Steve Keim and coach Kliff Kingsbury traveled to Oklahoma's campus for a meeting with Murray, according to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. As ESPN's Josh Weinfuss noted, the Cardinals reportedly did not attend Murray's pro day last week, so a meeting between the two parties was expected at some point

That meeting will apparently happen on Tuesday. As a result, the rumors will only intensify. 

Meeting with Murray in no way guarantees the team has decided to take him with the first pick in the draft. They could just be doing their due diligence or putting up a smokescreen that convinces a quarterback-needy team that desperately wants Murray to offer up a whole host of picks in exchange for the top pick. Or the Cardinals might really want Murray, which really wouldn't be at all surprising, even if it means they'd be forced to trade second-year quarterback Josh Rosen, for whom they traded up to No. 10 just a year ago. 

After hiring Kliff Kingsbury as their new coach in January, the internet quickly remembered that Kingsbury said in October that he'd make Murray the No. 1 pick if he ever had the chance. Despite Kingsbury saying all the right things about Rosen since getting the job, the rumors haven't died down. 

As CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora wrote earlier this month:

In the case of Kyler Murray to the Cardinals with the first-overall pick, it is decidedly the latter. Something that steadily built and then caught fire at the combine last week refuses to go away. And that is because it is going to happen. Every conversation I have had since getting back from Indianapolis – including several with people who would have first-hand knowledge of such an arrangement between said player and team – has led me to believe, thoroughly and completely, that this is going to happen.

The Cardinals ownership knows it. Kliff Kingsbury knows it. Kyler Murray knows it. It is happening.

If the Cardinals are in fact locked in on taking Murray, they'll be shopping Rosen. A number of quarterback-needy teams -- from the Giants to the Dolphins to Redskins -- could be interested in a quarterback who struggled mightily during his rookie season (in a bad offensive system with a bad coaching staff). If Rosen were coming out of college this year, he'd be viewed by some as the top quarterback in the draft. 

The Cardinals might not be able to recoup all of the draft value they gave up for Rosen, but they should find at least one or two interested suitors.

The 2019 NFL Draft is still over a month away and the biggest draft-related domino still hasn't fallen. How the Cardinals proceed with Rosen and Murray will shape the rest of the draft. 

With free agency having come and gone, the Cardinals-Rosen-Murray situation is now the biggest story in the NFL.

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